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Sun, Feb 5, 2017 – Super Sunday

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If Liberals want to organize another riot, this would be a place to do it. New England, the Trump Endorsed underdog, meets Uber Liberal Atlanta, heavy favourite by statistics. Texas is a Concealed Carry state, creating a reverse Liberal Gun Free kill zone, whereby liberals will commit mass suicide just by being Liberals to “test” the Second Amendment. The Super Bowl LI is being held in Liberal Bullwark Houston at the Astrodome I surmise. By self acclamation, Liberals aren’t stupid, likely meaning they are, unless guns are involved to smarten them up real quick. Your guess is as good as mine as to how this will all go down. Who gives a shzt about a football game any more? This is the Real American Game.

newsI don’t get so called news any more. I decided that it was a waste of money. It has actually been cathartic as I switched to Edutainment on Netflix. These days, I am watching “Forensic Files.” You hope it is objective but sometimes there are some minor glitches in the objectivity, mostly where it screams drugs as a motive. Take the “Mitchell Brothers” for example. One brother ripped the other in a drug deal and paid the ultimate price. You’ll never hear anything about that on Network News, that’s for sure. The crushing amount of evidence puts the white hot spotlight on what they can’t say any way. It’s timely now that the entire Liberal base has gone psychotic. It is read between the lines news. You will get nowhere near it without wild apple leaves to cheat and double your IQ on a daily basis.

Liberals assume that because they are delusional, everybody else must be delusional. They equate politics to mental health. You see how that ends, because we are at the end. They’re obviously all nuckin’ futz! Don’t take a career in neurology if you can’t parse that by now. I follow a blogger in Houston. Her name is Bunny. Her tag line is “Give a Gator Its Wings!!” If you can’t figure that out, you have a poor understanding how the Second Amendment works. When you are 5 feet tall with blond hair and blue eyes in Texas, you would learn quick or take a long walk off the short pier in the gene pool.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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