Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Feb 7, 2017 – Grows On Trees

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They say money doesn’t grow on trees. What does then? If you have been paying attention, the most expensive medicine in the world grows on wild apple trees. It actually grows on every apple tree, but it is made poison by idiots to make the tree’s lymphatic glands, the fruit, look pretty. It doesn’t grow on other trees. That was the first thing I checked. Then I tested other trees. Nothing, except that plum leaves were good for digestion. Some people said olive leaves were good for Lyme. Tried that. Nothing. It may work for you, but for me, bupkiss. It has to be apple, and it has to be wild. John Chapman Appleseed was right and he knew that only the apple tree could do this too. He gave up everything to make sure he seeded more apples than anyone in his whole life. He dropped everything, and became a vagabond to seed apples all over Ohio and everywhere else he could go, including Ontario. Once you try apple leaves, you too will know exactly why. I guarantee you will never feel anything like it before and ever again. It is life changing. No wonder why it is the most expensive medicine EVAH!

You see through everything. Wild Apple Leaves have taken me from the beginning of time to the end of time an back again. I have no worms left. It was too frightening a ride for them I guess. I felt better every day as they left, but they left their damage behind.  Some has healed and they say it takes 7 years for your body to rebuild every cell by normal apopstasis. Cultivars known to resist Venturia Inaequalis fungus are known to have better phenolic production and composition. “Phloridzin has a wide spectrum of biological effects, inhibits the growth of cancer cells [60], improves memory [61, 62], and is useful in the bone fracture prevention [63, 64]. One of the most important and potentially valuable phloridzin biological effects is antidiabetic activity [18, 65]. Main phloridzin pharmacological mechanism of action, leading to its antidiabetic effect, is to produce renal glycosuria and block intestinal glucose absorption through inhibition of sodium-glucose symporters in kidneys and small intestine [66]. The principle uses of phloridzin are associated with its ability to reduce plasma glucose, without changing insulin levels [67, 68]. Phloridzin ability to reverse glucotoxicity and reduce blood glucose levels without increasing body weight determines its benefits in prophylaxis and treatment of type 2 diabetes [69–71]. Phloridzin reduces body weight by blocking the absorption and resorption of glucose [72, 73], and the weight loss is one of the most important type 2 Pyrus Malusdiabetes prevention methods [74, 75]. Phloridzin consumption to reduce glucose concentration in blood plasma does not cause body fluid loss and hypoglycemia risk [66, 76]. For the reasons stated above, it is purposeful to investigate plant materials and extracts that accumulate phloridzin. We believe it is a promising research in developing medicines and food supplements for body weight reduction in the prevention of diabetes.”





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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