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Thurs, Feb 9, 2017 – Forensic Files

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Just watching that on Netflix, Season 8E48, “Breaking The Mold”. Season 9 starts out the same way. It’s that one about a home they claim had toxic mold in it. That wasn’t it. The people had been bit by bugs. I know that nematode species. It gave them instant Alzheimer’s like symptoms. There is no cure until they stumble on Wild Apple Leaves. Good Luck there. Nobody wants to know unless you are a clueless Doctor. They want peer review in a land where the lost are leading the blind. There is no peer review. Show us how smart you are, rocket surgeons. Anybody with two brain cells to rub together would try such a simple stupid cure first, but you know. They’re so fzckin’ smart! They have a year to tell you why Wild Apple Leaves won’t work with no specifics or evidence or peer review. A flock of babbling r3+4r+z that waste time, but love the sound of their own voices based on their unbroken records of failure.

Mold is everywhere. Better to find a way to live with it than fight it. You are going to lose every single time. Gut the whole house and it will return. Duh! Get rid of the nematode first. The biofilm it builds will welcome any mold anyway. They can’t get rid of mycoplasma even on a good day, and they’re fresh outta those. All these things were water leaks. Vector breeding paradise. There’s your trouble. Sure it’s wet. Sure it’s moldy. A barn for horses. A lake stocked with catfish. Don’t get me started on those. Vectors up the yin yang. I bet a hundred different species of worms drill out of their heads alone. Their happy biofilms are all set up to welcome mycotoxins. The family left the condemned house behind but not the illnesses. They blamed it all on stachybotrous. It is but one biofilm component though, and there is no cure known to medicine.

It’s the same with cancer. Tell people you have cancer and watch them scatter. They just assume whoever has cancer will die given the 2.5% track record of survival. They don’t know what to say. I guess it is understandable, but it would be nice if they would stop over for a beer or something. It’s been three years since they all left me for dead. I thought it could be Lyme Disease or something, and here I am still. Bored to tears. Maybe they think it is catching. Some have died. Guess I had the last laugh. Some said I had to start eating breakfast. How’s that going for you breakfast eaters? They’re all dead now, or suffering from life threatening illness since then. Brain cancer. Heart attacks. Guts cut out. No problems they say. Stay away from people that have cancer is what their actions tell me. It hasn’t been working for them. A mystery I guess. They all say it’s genetics. It looks like I have cured genetics. Add that to natural causes and breakfast. Just say no! Real rocket surgeons don’t want to know why or how though. They won’t take me up on my will bet n0w though. I’ll bet my will against their’s. I can give them a three year spot. Doctor must have been wrong they say, also pointing out how they would rather trust them. Have they ever been right? These imbeciles are screaming for some fresh hot anvil life preservers in the deep end of the gene pool, IMO.

poison-pharmaWild Apple Leaves have that downside. After a few days or more, you realize what idiots people really can be. You only get smarter too. It’s no use trying to communicate it to them. It’s like talking to your dog and expecting feedback, except the dog is smarter. The dog knows you are an idiot talking to them, so they lick your hand. Good doggy. Pat pat pat. Dog says, “Jesus! My work is done here with this idiot! Yep. I knew it. There’s this ‘shake a paw’ bullshzt again… K, azzhole. I’m game… Just scratch a little more to the right there behind the ear… Ahhhhh! Good! The idiot remembers it’s suppertime! Good idiot! That’s a good boy! Let’s go for a walk afterwards and scout bztches, K?” Just who is who’s pet? “There he is with that idiot baby talk again! Shzt! Hey Sonny! I’m about 50 years older than you in Dog years! Play your cards right and I’ll show you the bayer-advancedfine art of discerning women by smell.” An old dog may be smiling on the outside, but you know he’s in pain. Not a happy camper. Bayer Advanced pesticides  and fungicides say Bayer sprayed apple trees are poisonous to dogs. You know it has to be nasty stuff to poison a dog. Wild Apple Leaves work well on arthritic dogs, which I suspect really have Lyme Disease. Like humans, they are seronegative as they get older, chronic, and biofilmed to the hilt.

Forensic Files on Netflix is like real life Columbo. All homicide mysteries they have solved, and with surprising outcomes. I’m a buff. I’m hot on the trail of another shifty perp, parasitic vector nematodes. They are an animal smarter than humans… almost. The twist is they have no qualms about killing the cop, unless you’re smarter than the average bear. I wasn’t until Wild Apple Leaves gave me all the Aces, with one in the boot for good measure. The weird thing about ALS and MS is that you have to have it to know what cures it. 3 years ago, it looked that way here. Our medical system’s answer for the epidemic was to stop diagnosing or treating it. Imagine if they did that with cancer. I found out they do even worse with that one, but people expect you will die their way. My way, you should expect success because I am living proof it has not failed yet. I actually increased my cigarette smoking to test it. I’ve determined death is better than dealing with this medical system when you have borreliosis.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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