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Fri, Feb 10, 2017 – My Wild Tree

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It isn’t a sunny day here, but as it gets light, my tree is still there. I almost still can’t believe what I found out about it. It sits on the edge of the forest with a couple inches of snow on it now. Just me and the tree. No squirrels nibbling it this year that I know of, or the snow would be disturbed. It is the “Discovery” tree, and it saved my life. I guess this would be a valentine for my wild apple tree.

Over the years, it has grown crooked, reaching out of the forest to the ESE for light. This was the source of the leaves that cured cancer and Alzheimer’s in two ladies, the 2014 leaves I had left over. On a related note, their daughter/grand daughter is moving to Crete this month. Her boyfriend bought a farm there, and they may build a new villa there. She also tried out these leaves. Like all the subsequent leaves I tried from other sources, they smoke worms from bug stings and bites out like crazy. But you know that tree has a special history for me, and between it and another couple trees here, that is where it all started when the deer would come around every day to nibble the leaves, and always particularly from that poor little scruffy tree. The deer were effectively pruning it by eating from it. Last year, I heard that a cougar had scared the deer away until the young buck twin returned late last fall. He was limping badly this time. I don’t know if he will survive the winter.

trudeau-trainMoving to frustration, another person died of COPD. Pectic enzyme alone starts the treatment for that. Wild Apple Leaves could come later to eliminate root causes, like thyroid, additional biofilm,  and mumps. My mumps were still alive after 53 years until the phage finally exploded them a couple years ago. Worm eggs in general cause breathing difficulty from mucus build up and continuous supply. Pectic enzyme converts the pectin mucus to sugar. Wild Apple Leaves that contain phloretin metabolised from phloridzin dihydrate help you deal with the massive amounts of sugar, plus myriad other conditions, related and/or unrelated. Justin here shows the alternate cure for COPD… and Ottawa. It’s a cure for a lot of Canada’s ills, but the side effects are almost as bad as Big Pharma.

I calculated 4 people a minute die from infectious disease like cancer, heart, and pulmonary in the US alone. Worldwide the figure is 23.97 or 24 per minute with 12.6 million dying per year. Smoking allegedly kills 45000 per year, or 5.13 per hour in Canada, or one every 12 minutes. Consider the source, who say there is no medical error, the third leading cause of death. They have no credibility.







Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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