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Mon, Feb 13, 2017 – Family Day

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It is that time around here. We used to call it Teacher’s Convention where teachers could get a break from us brats. Humans unfortunately never get a break from the Worm Family until Wild Apple Leaves were discovered by me. They hang out in cold blooded vectors as eggs but when they hit a warm blooded host, instant family. Then the worm family is on easy street.

This is about the only place you will find much about temperate vector parasitology in English. All the research is in Tropical Vector Parasitology while all the brains are in the temperate zones. You can see what is happening there. Might as well study in paradise compared to a frozen wasteland half the time. Meanwhile, nearly everything Medicine cannot explain is explained by temperate and tropical vector parasitology. I can go one further, and that is Polar vector parasitology as I have first hand experience with that one in the Polar climate zone. The United States armed forces conduct all their research in Alaska on vector defence. That is in the Polar climate region.

That’s why I took interest in cervid infestation with Onchcerca Volvulus, or the so called Eye Worm behind river blindness in the tropics. It is in deer here. Doctors predictably deny it, criminals that they all are, being extorted and gooning for the insurance rackets they are beholden to… or else! Capiche? In Canada, they keep this all “in house” in government civil disservice with a huge conflict of interest between medical associations, worker compensation, third party insurance rackets, old age security, and pension plans, requiring Transnational Organized Crime TOC indictments in The Hague to take them down on a definitive RICO style rap. It’s all a little too cozy, but then what high level top notch murder for money scam wouldn’t be? Will they use scalpels to stab each other in the back, or just economical buck knives? Where they’re going, probably melted toothbrushes with razor blades.

trudeau-memeI digress. Back to Happy Worm Family Day. You’re their Daddy since they were likely born in you. Some may have gotten in there in the larval or nymph stage, but you are likely their worm (sic) blooded tropical paradise now, as you have been for decades in several cases. Eat Wild Apple Leaves and read ’em the riot act. The lil’ bastards will scatter faster than a Jewish Woman in a bikini on a bicycle through a peaceful Muslim March in Montreal. Is that a flame suppressor or a silencer in Pierre’s pie hole? Probably a flame suppressor because you know how much burning Jews stink. I wouldn’t know but all you Liberals out there do, I can just imagine. I guess you’re born with it. Maybe it’s a combo piece because you Know how much they hate loud contrary noises that just won’t go away otherwise. I think that magazine is over the maximum allowable limit, but hey. Rules are for Jews, not Party Faithful. Liberals don’t need tattoos. You can just tell they have a huge L for Loser on their fzckin’ faces.

trudeau-trainFast forward. Junior here carries on the Thousand Year Reich from failing hands. The Liberal Nirvana that is Not Jew Trump marches on in the Great WHITE North. Know what they’re sayin’? Their actions speak louder than words. Ironically he is meeting with the evil Jew Trump today in the Almost White Haus! Perhaps he can give Donald a lesson on the importance of Breeding and Family on this family day as he thumps the tub for Jew Ivanka Boycotting Liberals sworn to fry the Hudson’s Bay Company for carrying Jew products. Revenues from Ivanka’s products are up, showing how well that is going. Keep up the Bad Work, Junior. Stock up on ChapStik to kiss Trump’s azz in perpetuity there, Little Eichmann. We kinda got the memo the Party Faithful are not so happy bout it, but fortify that posterior lip lock, sonny.

Canadian Liberals are easy to deal with. Just give them a nuclear bomb with a detonate button on it. Or just leave them to their own devices. That’s even more effective. Junior has that famous Liberal Doublespeak down to a science. Trump said he cherished a picture of when he met his Dad, earlier at a Liberal Womens’ Management Kumbaya, but that could have been later in Pop’s Che Guevara era. Trudeaus are slipperier than eels between the gas chamber and public office phases, you know. It’s clear Junior is in way over his head, but that’s a pretty low bar. It’s an insult to eels. They say you can’t pick your parents, but Liberals say Family is All Important. Don’t forget that.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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