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Tues, Feb 14, 2017 – Got a Valentine!

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It was from Thomas Grier and the Canadian Action Plan on Lyme Disease. They are looking for feedback from experts, the public, and other researchers alike. Thanks for the heads up. Now how do I communicate that everything they thought they knew about Lyme Disease is demonstrably wrong? Worse yet, all medical science is on the wrong track.

The spirochaete is not the causative agent and is merely an endosymbiont secretion of multiple compatible vector parasitic worms. In short, worm poop. Think about it. When you get sick do you just fill your toilet with antibiotics? I found that is in effect what everybody is doing. The better approach is to stop filling the toilet (you) by getting rid of the worms, and it is one of those rare things that is easier done than said. I do it with wild apple leaves, and they go out the way they came in, alive. Then you can hit the glop, the gallons of polysaccharide biofilm they excreted, and farmed borrelia in like ants farm aphids. I keep it up to stop additional worms right from the bug sting or bite. Don’t get me started on Duck Itch! That lives in you for decades too.

That is really the second main point that you will discover when you eat Wild Apple Leaves. There are a lot more vectors than just Ticks that leave subcutaneous nematode parasites in you. They are behind a whole panoply of medical conditions and not just Lyme Disease. Every single human being suffers from these. Animals do too. Doctors are apparently clueless that this is even happening, and only a few veterinarians ever did find out as well. Dr Evans found Surra in 1880, and Innes and Shoho found Cerebrospinal Nematodiasis in 1952. Dr A B MacDonald stitched this all together, and it matched what I had been witnessing for more than a year and a half of Wild Apple Leaves. This was all in autopsies though. It points to an entire necessary paradigm shift for all medical science. They have simply missed it for all history.

As a researcher, you have to be sick to know what works to stop it. What’s wrong with testing? Everything! The whole worm plan is to make this undetectable from the outset by covering their tracks with polysaccharide. It has been working ever since Eve listened to the worms and ate the apple. The testing crowd is trying to eliminate the farmers by testing their septic field. Fail! Wild Apple Leaves hit the farmer worms straight in their pie hole where you get a reaction lickety split. Judging by their egress tactics, they can’t get out fast enough. Hit them with the pectic enzyme and more will come out of the biofilm they are hiding in. Don’t do wormwood until you get rid of most of those worms though. It makes them all like little electric eels, and it will be a shocking experience. Some will hide in scars and broken bones where they use the fibrinogen to build their forts. You’ll feel it as they struggle to get out.

Pyrus MalusYou probably have a bartonella co infection from cats, so your urine will smell like cat urine for a while as that biofilm layer gets dissolved. Your body will step up to the plate to depose all these things once given the leg up by giving all those hundreds of microscopic worms the boot. Use milk thistle to help your liver. You can feel it in your right middle rib cage near the front. Then there is that pesky UTI and prostate. You may have filarial nematodiasis too. Your doctor won’t recognize it and will misdiagnose it as heart disease or something. It isn’t. They have known that wild apple tree bark treats it for over a century. They used to call it dropsy. Note that graphic was from King’s American Dispensary 1898. The bark they sell nowadays is laced with fungicides. Get wild bark instead.

Now I know this blasts your whole world out of the water. It’s about time. Expenditures are rising and life expectancy is dropping. Clearly medicine is doing it all wrong when it comes to ID, infectious disease. Wild Apple Leaves will show you exactly what they have been doing wrong since before the Eber’s Papyrus. This blog has been documentation of my unbelievable experiences since Oct 14, 2014 after contacting Dr Eva Sapi, and earlier, Richard Longland of the biofilm channel on YouTube. You can go off and waste all sorts of money and time barking up the wrong tree, but at least I had My say. Finally! It’s been 30 and a half months! Meanwhile, I’m going back to curing brain cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and diabetes. It’s the same stuff in Wild Apple Leaves. They’re all a nematodiasis/trypanosomiasis thing too. Zika will eventually be discovered to be the same thing. Maybe someone will listen there. Apparently, they are way easier to cure than Lyme Disease from personal experience.All their charity societies are horrifically corrupt scams so there is no money in that either though.

I know if the government really wants to leapfrog over this whole sorry mess here. We have to go to Victoria, Australia and start finding Wild Apple Trees the roos and deer haven’t eaten yet. The Wild Leaves are getting ripe for the picking there in the next 3 months. We could fill our boots and save your lives as a kicker. Their beer is lousy, but in that heat anything will do, you know. Their Prime Minister is reportedly a doush, but there’s a lot of that going around. lol Anyway, when this combined test, the forensic evidence it exposes, and treatment are more definitive and accurate than all known tests, why even test? Just start getting rid of it and find out what happened as a bonus. Even medical science has no idea of any of this. What is the point of testing when everybody has this anyway, and they just don’t know it yet?

For example… Want to get rid of the biofilm off your teeth? You can brush till your gums bleed and it won’t even touch it. Just chew Wild Apple Leaves. Don’t stop. Now why is that? Moreover, it will even start to clean it off your toilet. I rest my case. On the late breaking front, this just in from Australia… Glad to see it is finally getting around. Better late than never. Wild Apple Leaves show that without a doubt, this is a vector parasite problem, and continued use acts as a back line protection against continued reinfection from additional vector encounters.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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