Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Feb 15, 2017 – Pure Evil

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ig-farbenIG Farben still exists. These evil Nazis won’t go away. Bayer, Agfa, BASF, and Sanofi were the partners that formed the Nazi chemical conglomerate. Today, Bayer poisons everything you eat like Monsanto, but most importantly fruit bayer-advancedtrees. That way doctors telling you to eat fruits and vegetables are actually murdering you. To be clear, I always specify WILD Apple Trees. When you look at what Bayer puts on apples, they will have to change the mantra, Apple a Day. An Apple A Day Is Murder. To be fair, Murder keeps the Doctor away! Muwahaha! See how that works? “Get More Death from ze Blue Bottle! Muwahhaha!” Bayer knows all about delousing and insect vectors… Especially if you are a Jew fresh out of the Boxcar!!!

trudeau-liebensraumPerhaps you would like a free trip to the dentist first? Else, how do you think National Socialist systems pay for all this? Muwahahaha! Pierre, famous Master Liberal Race Nazi back stabber (“Zap! You’re Frozen!””We can’t let the West get too rich!” Proud Official Concrete Supplier to the ’76 Montreal Olympics and Expo ’67 where they tore up the English (Maudit Anglais) flag) is pictured here keeping tabs on Montreal Jews during World War II, checking for gold fillings. All that gasoline, bullets, and chemicals are expensive, you know, let alone the Mercedes and BMW proudly strutted out for the cameras here. Everything is nice and organized, and you can tell by the spit shine on the jackboots that he runs a tight ship, or U Boat for Canadian Party meetings down in the St Lawrence. Trump reportedly treasures photographs of Justin’s Father, and we can see why here, offering the Final Zolution to the US Liberal “Problem.” We’ll permanently solve their Global “Warming” woes up here… all the way to “converting” them to cold blooded!

ZePlanTell all the liberalschwein you can that Apple Leaves are poison even if they are Wild producing pharmaceuticals worth $1 million a dry Kg, come to think of it. They’re the last people we want around. Then You and the Bugs can do all our dirty work. Muwahaha! The real upside is that more Wild Apple Trees will be available, and you’ll all die, leaving us people with two brain cells to rub together and us Wild Apple Leaf Eaters alone to take everything you ever had. That way you’ll never find out that we are going to live forever! Muuwahhahahaha!

Like House, M.D. likes to imply, there is no lifeguard on this gene pool. When they scream for fresh hot anvils in the deep end, fill their jack boots! Plus listen to Bayer. “Have you heard a zingle complaint about our Zhowers? From ANY of ze happy Aktual Uzers? Muwahahaha!” Trust Bayer. Zey Know hat Zey are talking about! Muwahaha! Zey POISON all the competing cures for Diabetes. “You can’t make Deutchmarks without ze Marks! Muwahahaha! Who are you going to trust, friendly Nazis or ze pipping and squeaking internet schweinJew, mike1baker? Muwahaha!”

There ought to be a law. Call the Internet Police. “Hello? InterNet Police? Yeah. Got Nazis here! What? Everybody’s got ’em? Well, what you gonna do about ’em? <Click!> Hello?” I guess in the scheme of things, Nazis are pretty far down the list on the Democide site. China and Russia make them look like amateurs. Russia claimed they had 300 million people like the US, but when the Wall fell, turned out there were only 160 million left. It doesn’t mean they aren’t evil. They poison food and make money off of it, then cover their tracks spreading lies about natural apple leaves, and the amazing life saving medical properties of them. Signature Nazi tactics. Old habits die hard with them. Hard, I tell ya.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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