Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Feb 16, 2017 – Litmus Test

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Wild Apple Leaves are the closest thing to a litmus test for Lyme Disease. If you eat them and little micro and macro worms come out of old bug bites, you’ve got worms, and you can just bet dollars to donuts that some of them have endosymbiont borrelia. Now get this! ALL medical disciplines know nothing about this! Duh! When something so simple has such profound and far reaching unknown results, and there is no scientific record, it looks to me that the responsible disciplines are all the way back to square one.

The trouble is that you HAD worms. Those ones are gone now. Are there any more? Yep. Depending on how many bug bites you have had all of your life, and how much biofilm they were able to build while they have been in there, it could take a year of a gram a day or more of Wild Apple Leaf powder plus Pectic Enzyme biofilm scrubbing to get them all out. Egads! Pretty soon, you realize that every single person in the World has to be in this boat, and they have no clue about it. It is easily the most amazing medical forensic discovery of all time. I figured that part out Aug 1, 2014. I was a little slow, but I blame the Hagar Reosado. Anejos aren’t as profound with Wild Apple Leaves. šŸ˜‰

Don’t tell a doctor! They’ll just say you are delusional, projecting the flabbergasting nature of the read ’em and weep fact they cannot deny. All their schooling has been worthless until they can explain what is going on there. Naturally, they select Occam’s Razor by attacking the Wild Apple Leaf discoverer, declare that he/she is delusional, and in so doing, simply irrefutably destroy themselves in a few idiotic seconds under a mountain of smug fresh hot anvils of dumb. To a doctor, Wild Apple Leaves are like a nuclear bomb wrapped in a bow with a coy flashing “Push Me!” detonate button on it. Compared to how they treat Lyme sufferers, they deserve it, but that wouldn’t be very nice.

For the rest of us, you soon realize that those worms are behind most chronic infectious disease as it inexplicably disappears. Public Health Alert figured it out pretty fast too. While he was doing that, I went chasing the deer that showed me these wild apple leaves instead in November 2014, all the way down to the US Border. By that time, we both had the migration bug from the Wild Apple Leaf treatment. Somehow, I could just feel where they were and they were going. It led me to a border town named Osoyoos. They were following the wild apple trees along the valleys and fences around there. There was a conference of deer there all migrating at that time. It was so significant that they lowered the highway speed limit because of all the deer crossing going on. It was a fascinating mini vacation. I had been eating wild apple leaves for 4 months and 2 weeks at that time. I was dealing with the biofilm in other ways, trying to use Vitamin C, before I found out about pectic enzyme then. It’s all documented here.

Columbo Gotcha! 2015-01-10 19:41:08Fast forward, I notice that Sigma produces many forensic science chemicals. This is a new medical and veterinary forensic science, no doubt, disclosing previously undetectable parasitic nematodes in humans and deer at least. It becomes clear that these worms are capable of murder. Maybe I shouldn’t watch so many “Forensic Files” episodes on Netflix, but that fact also isn’t going away. You catch the worms “dead to rights” with Wild Apple Leaves and pectic enzyme, or AppLyme as I call it. It is a litmus test for death, if not medical murder borne of incompetence, or even evidence of outright vector attack. It’s the “Luminol” of vector parasitology to catch them all in the act, coughing up the W5 Who What When Where Why on the worms, and limited by only your own memory. Of course it only works while you are alive, so better get with the program if you ever want to be a doctor in this new medical forensics world. They’re even good at smoking out Facebook wannabe murderers! lol Your Posts will hit a little too close to the Quick.

The most obvious forensic findings are all above the law. You have chemical fungicide, herbicide, and pesticide manufacturers selling poison, and not warning people that it isn’t safe to eat in several instances. You have doctor being extorted by insurance “rackets” to prevent losses. There’s ample evidence to bring their syndicates down. Then of course if others claim they already knew about Wild Apple Leaves, obstruction of justice and premeditated murder by failing to disclose, if not using vectors as weapons. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The whole fungicide thing alone becomes over the top obstruction of justice 8in a murder one cover up.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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