Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Feb 18, 2017 – Lost Edit

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Richard Longland reminded me of something. I actually thought that could be a use for commercial and organic apple leaves that aren’t able to pass toxicology testing. They could still be a good septic additive for the probiotic and phage effect. Fine dust in the air from putting the leaves in a blender breaks through biofilms on porcelain surfaces, so I suspect they also clean the sewer lines. It led me to believe there was a phage effect and more with proteolytic enzymes that acted as a catalyst for biofilm breakup.

WordPress lost my entire Trump-Hump edit. Critics! lol It was about how you could rebuild New Orleans at a higher elevation using a uuge strip mining operation. I know a bit about them. Perhaps it was the part about using hydraulic pyramid building techniques, creating lots of good American jobs. Maybe it was the part about how Jews would even want to work on these pyramids. Trust me it was funny and it was uuge! It would be so successful it would drive mo0nbats and media totally nuckin’ futs. It would create elongated island causeways to be higher than even the highest storm surges. It would use the current levees as coffer dams to build, and would have safety pits to take excess storm water which could be pumped away in drier times with island pads 40- 50 feet about sea level. It would create its own concrete gabion rock rip raps for erosion control. Moreover, I figured out how Egyptians could move and lift rock hydraulically. It is a special case where you have a mine and quarry operation at or below a navigable river or sea level. I am a mining engineer. I am a mineral process engineer too. Both are necessary to build a Pyramid the old way. A mechanical aptitude helps.

Blue Evans was a mining engineer. He was also a mineral process engineer. He was from Australia, and he was the dean of our engineering faculty. He was a professor you could have an honest beer with. One hight in 1977 I was in engineering physics bemoaning another 3×3 matrix cracking night of Circuits EE351 and he said I should consider mining. More practical. He never knew how prophetic that would eventually be. I was also looking at medical engineering after a field trip to USC and a beer with an EE professor. In those days, engineers made deals over a beer. Bill Costerton’s rock climbing buddy was my room mate. Everything was pointing to rocks. Egyptians, actually Silutrians, knew Archimedes principles before they were discovered in physics. Rope gave them the answer, and not the question that Archimedes discovered. .











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