Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Feb 20, 2017 – The Mechanics

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We sort of know what wild apple leaves do, but how? They appear to be taking biofilm diseases down a layer at a time, like peeling an onion. Human immunity then plays a role where your immune system can now get at pathogens previously shrouded in biofilm. The apple tree fibre is also a powerful antimicrobial, on top of being able to shock worms out of your system. It’s all good. The combination of all these things gives you a hand by wrestling the disease down the way and order it was built up. Adding pectic enzyme helps by breaking down the polysaccharide to monosaccharide sugars. You have to consider that the bacterial biofilm build up takes years layer by layer to a state where it has remained impervious to amylase in saliva that is also supposed to break down polysaccharide, but can’t keep up.

When the parasitic complex builds up a biofilm, it guards the main matrix with a protein and keratin layer from hair follicles. When apple leaves smoke out this group of hair robbing nematodes, the follicles recover and the hair starts to grow again it seems. Research from Morgellons disease made the keratin biofilm association as well. Proteolytic enzymes inherent in wild apple leaves serve to break down this layer, but I also notice that serrapeptase may have worked too. Multiple inter layers build up the bacteriology of the stratified and stratabound biofilms. This approached is so successful that no medical science is able to defeat biofilm in situ. I have, but they can’t, and the way they are going, they never will be able to. Consider that they basically fry cancerous areas with radiation to injure it, and then slather the recovering tissues with chemicals as they are recovering in some sort of barbaric do maximal harm attempt that is technically worse than blood letting. By effectively burning it to a 1st or 2nd degree burn state, they let your body attempt to rebuild it again without cancer. My theory plays to digesting the malignancy in situ, and using your body’s inherent defense mechanisms, also rebuilt and refurbished by wild apple leaves.

banksy-in-nyc-2You can actually feel this process. It is a smart, targeted apopstasis. Getting through all that biofilm is the main job, and can take ongoing measures. It becomes clearer that the bug worms are doing all this damage in a biblical pestilence fashion, and nobody is immune to it given the current level of medical technology. Wild apple tree fibres actually do something about it on a microscopic nano surgical scale beyond any known technology save for bacteriophage. The apple tree itself is the source of the filtered phage from uptake from the soil. Felix d’Herelle discovered phage a century ago, but the technology to prove the mechanics, let alone the inherent intelligence of it, still does not exist in all medicine. Everybody says everybody dies, but I say not so fast. Maybe you can be the first one to live. Imagine a test 100 questions long, and you disqualify yourself with each wrong answer. The first question is “Are you going to die?” The wrong answer is “Everybody dies!” and is an instant flunk, straight to the bottom of the gene pool. Why even try then?

richardSome people like Richard Arvine Overton succeed without even trying. He is approaching his 111 birthday in May here. That shows it isn’t unbridled optimism, but rather an epidemic of demonstrably wrong group think. While it isn’t because of the whiskey and cigars, it could be something in his diet that allows humans to be tougher than we ever suspected. I’ll guess pickles and vinegar looking at his garden of cucumbers. Using the disease model this points to, and not medical science’s disease model which is obviously wrong, what are the main points they can agree on? In an acronym, BMI. A low body mass index obviously over weighs everything. Smoking may actually serve to smokinkillsstrengthen the heart and circulation by stress. The human body is the odd mechanical case where you use it more to make it healthier, although that could be just another fallacy. The people who should be healthiest are dropping like files, and those who are supposed to be dead by conventional wisdom are turning out to be super centenarians. What this points to without a doubt is that much of medicl science (sic) is misdirected bad statistical post analysis, and as discovered by Dr A B MacDonald a year ago, missing the entire problem, and not just in specialized cases as I found out. Cutaneous nematodiasis is just the tip of a huge iceberg of parasitic infectation that is being ignored completely, and the white hot lime light is on it like never before with Wild Apple Leaves.







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