Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Feb 23, 2017 – Why?

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Why do they do this to us? I have my theories. Lyme Disease is incurable to the alleged last medical science resort, and Wild Apple Leaves show exactly why. They cure everything else that medicine can’t like arthritis and cancer. The easy explanation is insurance fraud. It is the oldest motivation in the book, as old as insurance itself. Insurance fraud is about half of the motivation for all murders. It is a way to get money out of death. There is a large resulting impetus to kill the insured party created simply out of greed. On the other hand, the loss can be from disability, and you just want the disabled patient to die quicker, giving unions a huge motive for murder of their base after retirement. In a public healthcare system, they distribute the murder, falsely believing that it can dilute the crime. No so fast there, Skippy. You’re all getting life.

Even the tiniest contribution to murder can get you the electric chair in death states, but they eliminated hanging in Canada. Fine. Let ’em rot for life with no possibility of parole. Some folks think that is preferable. Ask them afterwards. Would you rather do that or die? It begs research, and I am your faithful scribe willing to give you scads more data to help you make your decision. I have them dead to rights on murder one or conspiracy to commit same, and Wild Apple Leaves are the self evident forensic science that nobody would ever believe was possible to catch them in the ultimate cover up. I would quit if I had anything to do with a hospital now knowing what they show, because I would know I was a culpable party, thumping their tub of murder. It goes beyond barbaric, and it’s hard to believe they didn’t know. I have been doing nothing but telling them publicly for over 2 and a half years, and they’ve been doing nothing but saying it is crazy. Sound familiar? That is because it is like almost every single episode of Forensic Files on Netflix. They all claim they are innocent, and the cops are insane, you know.

“Oh, we didn’t know!” Plausible deniability, when we have you on record saying the people trying to inform you are being declared insane by you? That implies plausible conspiracy through defamation. What happens when it turns out to be 100% correct, and it always was? The best punishment is to put you in prison to die being denied any Wild Apple Leaves or derivatives to treat it. Then you will find out how insane it gets first hand. And you will deserve it. You ARE the Weakest Link. Bye bye.

Forensic Science raises a million questions we can all figure out the answers to lickety split. Wild Apple Leaves are the new age old forensic science that catches a huge slimy group of thieves and murderers in the act. There are the animals, parasite worms, the doctors that ought to know about them, but don’t, and their entire support network of pharmacists and nurses. When such a simple forensic test shows that they are all on the wrong track, the possibilities range from total incompetence to being incurious or ignorant for financial gain. In short, both ends of the scale are bad, with the middle being doubly bad.

The trouble with such a test is that it requires consent to perform. By simply denying consent by not ingesting wild apple leaf anthelmintic to see the results, all interactive and ingestive forensic testing could be denied on the same basis. Thus your body is a safe haven for murderous parasite worms, and medical science goes nowhere by default. It is in fact why medical science is going nowhere and cures nothing. Every single man woman and child is a sack of bug parasite worms that have absolutely nothing to fear until that sack ingests wild apple leaves. Then Lucy! You got some ‘xplainin’ to do!!!

Y220px-Nobel_Prizeou can lead a doctor to Wild Apple Leaves, but you can’t make one eat them. The first skilled one that does deserves a Nobel Prize. That doesn’t mean they will get one, but it will get them closer than they could otherwise ever hope to be. Such is the case with Dr’s Sapi and MacDonald. Both doctors have Lyme borreliosis. I know exactly what they are going through because I have been there and done that. Nobody will listen even to another doctor. Chin up guys. Let’s lock them all up in the crowbar hotel instead. You may not get a Nobel Prize, but think of the warm fuzzy you’ll get from torching all existing medicine in a heartbeat, and showing beyond a reasonable doubt obstruction and defamation, incurious behaviour, and leading to outright premeditated murder charges. I can’t think of a more deserving bunch of conceited douche bags screaming any louder for fresh red hot anvil life preservers in the deep end of the gene pool. Hey, that’s where THEY took it, not me.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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