Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Feb 24, 2017 – In A Word


Worms. They’re stealthy. The most successful ones have eluded medical detection for all time. Name a human organ, and there is a worm that robs from it. Name a chronic infection and there is likely a worm behind it. Outside of medicine they exist from the Mariana Trench to the top of Everest, and from the north to the south pole. We exist in their world, and the other way around, despite medical assurances they do not.

Military Intelligence. Medical Assurance. Definitive Oxymorons. Wild Apple Leaves are the only way to cut through all this guff. It is all a lie for money. It becomes all not so painfully obvious, except figuratively. All that health care money is wasted without a sweep by Wild Apple Leaves first. They may not get every helminth out, but they are surely a good start. What they show will take all medical science to the next level. Moreover, the step up will be larger than all preceding medical technology put together. You too will see all current medical science is akin to fixing a Swiss Watch with a pipe wrench. Really stupid.

The best thing is that Wild Apple Leaves stop worms from defecating in your circulatory systems. Then you can use existing medicine and enzymes to mop up all that crap. Hopefully you do it before they make Swiss Cheese out of your neural fabric. Worms are your own personal evil Shadow Government. They own you. They own Trump and Clinton They own everybody. Except me. I gave them their marching orders 31 months ago. When they straggled, I upped the ante. Any worm here is a tourist, and many have tried since then and failed. You must be vigilant. They’ve owned mankind since Eve was created or was a mutant monkey, ignored her creator or monkey daddy on the advice of the worms, and we all suffer. To this day, or the first day you find a Wild Apple Tree. Then you can be an atheist sack of worm shzt. It’s a start.

It all comes down to reclaiming your body from the worms. And their shzt. Worms ate their own shzt like a hungry dog. That’s where the pectic enzyme comes in. Liquify all that worm shzt and hope your body can expel the chunks of corn in it too. That’s not a pretty picture, but unfortunately, that is what it looks like. At least the pectic enzyme converts some of it all to monosaccharide sugars, making it less viscous. The big picture is that a significant percentage of biting and stinging insects have viable human parasite worms in them.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

2 thoughts on “Fri, Feb 24, 2017 – In A Word

  1. Hi mike,

    Was wondering if you know of any sources of wild apple leaves for this winter? I look forward to the first buds in the spring. Do you eat them fresh or dry them?




    • You could always go to South Australia. That’s a little drastic though, but the weather in Victoria is like August up here. I sent you an email just now. South Africa is a little closer. The leaves actually get ripe like the apples too and are tastier, but they do work all year round, even after they change colour in the fall. You have lived with the parasites all your life so 6 more months unless you go to the southern hemisphere. I am watching that Australian weather and wishing I was there… lol


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