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Mon, Feb 27, 2017 – Smart Idiots

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They’re a busy bunch polishing turds.They run a tight ship at the dump.Who are you going to call to deal with a perfect mess? Some smart idiots, that’s who! You need an honest liar to get to the bottom of the top of this shzt. Call 511 for a Wahmbulance to stage a Chinese Fire Drill for a real emergency. It may not be a real emergency yet, but it sure will be when they’re done with it. That’s what happened with Lyme Disease in a nutshell.

These imbecile geniuses discovered worm shzt comprising biofilm and spirochaetes. None of them have discovered nematodes yet. Wild Apple Leaves are way over the heads of these sharp dullards. They threaten the multi trillion dollar Government Medical Industry that keeps these gifted retards employed. It’s about time something did.

Slack jawed mouth breathing imbeciles are the best intelligent gift that keeps on giving to themselves. You can try to correct them morning noon and night, and they’ll fzck it all up anyway because they are too smart to teach. They are the best thing to happen to themselves. Might as well argue with them now because they’ll all be dead soon enough on their own watch.  I just wish they’d hurry up. C’mon idiots! Show us how bright you are. Tell us how many worm exits you’ve had. I’ll spot you 1% each one, when it should probably be more like .5%. Nothing makes a dimwit feel better than a good pat on the back. It’ll give all their worms a warm fuzzy too. You have to feel sorry for the poor lil critters being stuck with such a prize as that.

The worms offer that its not so bad. Even an idiot can keep the food dish full. One man’s salty starch junk food is a full course worm meal. They’ll just have it with a main course of brain cells. It’s not like they’re being used for anything else. The idiot will make up for the lost cartilage with chondroitin sulfate to make it to the store for more. They eat all the extra neurons out of their fat to leave cellulite voids, but the idiot will plump it all up for an unlimited supply until it is time to move on. Oooh look! Head Cheese! Hey idiot! Pick some of that up for sandwiches! We crave brain! Duh!

Pity the worm. Pity the po’ idiot too! It’s all a sad state of affairs that Wild Apple Leaves rip the gauunchies off of in unceremonious fashion, but hey, what can you do? Wedgie? The whole sordid affair isn’t worth the smug satisfaction of a worm riddled shzt striped idiot wedgie deluxe if you ask me. YMMV! WhatEVAH floats your boat as they say. You may start a stylish trend if you can culminate it in a top knot bandana. You may even get an arts degree credit from UBC! Somebody has to staff the government service sector.

trudeau-liebensraumInvite refugees to lord over. Get a helmet to cover it up. Give them a bucket of balls and a new Biggest Big Bertha driver in a tile bathroom for edutainment. Give them a free reign with a short leash. You’ll have hours of enjoyment with your smart idiot. Ask them how they like President Trump? Point out he’ll only be around for 8 more years. Have a mop handy for tears and saliva. Both the idiots and yours. Be careful with smart idiots though. They’re the proverbial rabid animals in the petting zoo. They’re like a loaded bear trap with a plush toy for bait.

As bizarre as it seems, like an episode of Forensic Files on Netflix, these criminal idiots think they are smarter than  everybody else. This is how medicine plays patty cake with Lyme Disease in Canada, essentially getting away with murder for money. It’s so obvious that the police have to be in on it, intentionally looking the other way. The forensic evidence never goes away though. New direct methods like Wild Apple Leaves get discovered. Better DNA methods come up post mortem to revive the dry blood evidence. Forensic Science lies in wait for these smart idiots. I’m all over the whole science of Lyme Disease forensics. I can expose the sentinel event along with the first parasitic worm that caused it all, but the question remains which one of the hundreds was it? It’s your call there.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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