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Sun, Feb 26, 2017 – A Tidy Mess

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psychelpGod help us, but God had nothing to do with creating this mess. Man is 100% responsible. Doctors are hapless when it comes to treating chronic infectious disease responsible for all leading causes of death, other than medical error itself owning third place. First and second leading causes are heart disease and cancer. Then it goes down the list respiratory, Gastro Intestinal, and Urinary Tract Infections. We know all that, but the bigger picture is that we live in an increasingly toxic world as more chemicals get used to less intended, and more unintended, effect. All the maximum safe concentrations have now been exceeded. The entire food supply has been destroyed. Worse, the heritage genome has been contaminated with GMO’s. The weed genome just shrugged it off by out evolving the chemicals leading to super evolved weeds. Vehicles transport both worldwide in dirt on their undercarriages, polluting the entire genome.

How do we put this genie back in the bottle? I am not sure we can any more. I tried to suggest an antidote years ago but it fell on deaf ears. We see the results when we can, but it is all being covered up. Expenditures are exploding while life expectancy is eroding at an alarming rate. Autism is also exploding. We are helpless to stop it, as is the RFK Jr. Commission focussed on Vaccines, but not really looking at GMO’s. Both are to blame in my estimation, and not an either or thing. Then there is the huge Make America Shztty Again contingent dead set against draining their festering swamp. Terrorists also claim to have a solution, but I don’t think they got around the sustainability part yet.

Just got off the phone with a retired medical professional. After slowly spelling out over twenty words, I just said if you can’t spell or use Google, you are going to die. It is that simple. The Lyme epidemic has functionally retarded nearly everyone. I found a 72 hour cure, but even though it is a million dollars a Kg, or free if you have a wild apple tree, they are still asking questions over 2 and 1/2 years later. Lethal ignorance. Proof of Darwin if there ever was one. There comes a point where you just have to stop blocking them from entering the gene pool, and leave them to drown. Start asking questions back, like what colour of urn do they want their ashes in, and what should we offer at the reception? Cold cuts or hors d’hoevres? Cheese and crackers? Do you want me to detail how you ignored treatment for Alzheimer’s until then at the Eulogy added to all your friends that died that I also offered to help, but you reassured me how well your doctor buddies were doing with them? Get them started making their own memorial video. Leave a tidy mess.

It’s a total oxymoron, but a tidy mess is the best we can hope for. Organized chaos, with a flat out measured response of a gentle hammer. A precise rough smoothing of a good bad situation. A clear drained cesspool of antiseptic worms, massaged by politically intelligent medical science. A brilliant haze that’s smart like a pretty mud fence. A fastidious pig pen, with cute ugly attributes. A prudent blitz through a safe battlefield of mean extremes. It’s a candidate for a Vigorous mud dusting.

I haven’t got time for that shzt. I’ll delegate it to smart idiots. :p






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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