Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Fri, Mar 31/17 – April Showers

Just looking at the monthly weather forecast, and it looks like more dismal weather towards the end of April. Today will be cloudy, then there will be 3 or 4 days with sun. It’s foggy this morning, so bad for arthritis. It isn’t as bad as it was last week. It’s almost like you can predict the sun too.

I see Eva Haughie saying cancer patients are testing positive for Lyme. “From a friend: Most people don’t know… our Lyme literate doctors are testing their cancer patients and guess what? They are testing positive for Lyme. Why? Infection + inflammation = cancer. More and more studies are coming out linking Lyme to different cancers. It is important to watch what you eat. So many of my own friends… including my own husband… have said it just isn’t worth living if they can’t eat what they want. Tell that to a cancer patient who just went through chemo and radiation. Now, I wonder who will copy and paste this part?…

Cancer …..this crappy disease has killed too many people that I loved….unlike others this will be a small request not leading to the elimination of the friends of my list. Given that I have a personal interest in the effects of cancer, I want to see who reads and who shares without reading it! If you have read everything, select “likes”, so that I can thank you in your profile. I know that a large percentage of you won’t, but my true friends are going to do it. Please, in honor of someone who died, or has cancer, or even had cancer. Everyone says: “if you need anything, don’t hesitate, I’ll be there for you”…, so I’m gonna make a bet, without being pessimistic, I’d like to know which of my friends and my family will put this on their FB timeline. You have to copy and paste (do not share)!!! I want to know who I can count… and I’m sure the number is less than 25. Write “done” in the comments when you do it! This is the month to raise awareness of this disease. I did it for myself and someone very special !
We all know someone who has fought this disease, or who is fighting against this evil now. Thank you.
Copy and paste… do not share!!” To rephrase, all Lyme is not cancer, but all cancer turns out to be Lyme. Kinda knew that for 2 years or so now. I found Lyme was nematodes. It is clear that cancer is parasitic nematodes too, to me any way. Give them a few centuries to get a clue. They’re not the sharpest scalpels in the tray, but then they intentionally exclude any pharmaceutical science that doesn’t make them money.


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Thurs, Mar30/17 – Weathered

I got some Cat’s Claw/Samento last Sunday. Because I am so pared down with Wild Apple Leaves, I suspect I have been herxing hard from that all week. It has also been soggy, and I know that used to be a big arthritis flag. The samento bottle says take 2 – 3 times a day. There is no way I could do that. WAL multiply the effect of everything. Even one or 2 a day have really knocked me down. Same with the serrapeptase. I have been hacking out loogies that taste like a dish rag for a week. You can tell I haven’t been my chipper verbose self lately. That is why looking back at it all. I’ve been finishing up all the old analgesics to help with the pain.

I keep looking at an old bag of cloves I have here. Maybe I should do a worm egg kill. Worm eggs are like frog’s eggs, basically a pile of slimy phlegm and eggs. Even a little bit of cloves can go straight through you. 1% clove powder and pectic enzyme would be guaranteed loose. After a week like this with samento and serrapeptase, it is like you would want to take that while sitting on the toilet. You just know it is going to be ugly. The wild apple leaves show you in no uncertain terms that this is all vector worms underlying all of this, and the effect of any treatment is multiplied immensely., even when pared all the way down to remaining worm eggs and poop.

I see WordPress lost yesterday’s post. Here is a recap. It was short and about rain and aggravated arthritis. Why is that? Nobody knows! That really sounds like something I would want to get to the bottom of, but I have been going through this samento herx. It has really screwed me up this week. CBD walloped it faster, but we can’t get that here any more. All the alleged medical douche bags just grow skank weed and THC varieties for the stoners. It doesn’t work. Nobody wants to grow the ditch weed when the penalty is the same regardless. There are no real hemp oil producers here. It is a paradox born of worm addled brains that will never be cracked without wild apple leaf consumption. It is a metric to show how pervasive the worm infestation is with humans here though.

I am hampered by other paradoxes. In university, I was the go to guy for Led Zeppelin covers. Nobody could sing it or play it, female or male. I could do both, but not at the same time. The juxtaposition of the rhythms really screwed me up. Brian MacLeod was a friend of mine and we met after Mushroom Records had that meltdown. That was actually before this link. My girlfriend’s brother heard a rumour they were considering me to play acoustic, but I said I wasn’t good enough. I was smitten with Brian’s sound he got from a Music Man 210HD and a stock Strat while I was still in Les Paul mode. I didn’t know Zeppelin was all a fuzz and wah wah at that time. He had those dynamics a whole different way. Bill Henderson was a judge at the first Headpins gig where they lost to our band at the Pit at UBC. It was 1979 and we had just changed from the Pinheads to the Knotheads or vice versa. I was just along for the gig. I knew Brian from music stores where we talked gear and getting good rock tones. They were much harder to get in those days. I still had a relatively clean tone. We liked that 50 watt HIWATT that was just becoming common. 100 watts were cheaper because they were too clean. I had one and a Roland Jazz Chorus 120. You had to be really accurate to gig with that. I guess we had a clean set list that Bill liked, although I did have a Univox echo that I could get a drive tone out of sparingly. It was all way too loud.

You know, one thing that was common was that we all played drums. Time is everything, but we never tell a drummer that so you can always get a drummer for the gig. We’re all way too busy on the vocals and instruments. At that time, the Linn drums had just come out, saving thousands in recording. On time and good sounds. Micing drums trying to reinvent the wheel was really expensive. Let some drummer try to do that to copy the album.

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Tues, Mar 28/17 – More NASA

Lighten up. Back in the 90’s I was contacted  by NASA contractors to come up with a space fire suppression system. That was in the days of the Mir fire before the ISS. I was working on bulldozer fire suppression systems. I had also saved many bulldozers and a prototype mulcher with my device several times. At that time, circa ’95, it cost $40,000 a pound to orbit. Weight is everything.

I used to say humans are all 10+% worms, but it is more like 25% weight worms and bacterial biofilm worm poop. I just wanted to be conservative, and thought it was just me. Everybody is in the same boat though. Wild apple leaves show that lots of it is bug bite and sting parasite weight, with lots more stealthy Swimmer’s Itch. Enzymes get gallons more of it out. A 200 pound pilot or passenger can free up 50 pounds or $2 million worth of 1995 payload. Doctors are all blissfully ignorant to this fact.

Neil_ArmstrongYou can see that NASA has always packed worm poop wherever they send people. And they pay to get it all back too. Dr Armstrong died of a common worm biofilm disease, heart disease, in 2012. Again, doctors are blissfully ignorant of this fact. Might as well live while they argue about it when they’re all homeless or locked in nut farms where they belong. Lots of you would rather die a prescribed patented medicine death, and I’ll lie and say I understand that. I thought people were smarter, but I stand corrected. Your doctors obviously know what they are doing. They’ve had a zero % success rate with any of my diseases, but you are different of course.

Those are the sort of people who deserve to die that way. Maybe me too to fit in. Aspirin and Tylenol. I am backing up through my juvenile arthritis. It’s pain like when I was 11 years old again. Now they have Ibuprofen. Still biofilm left from those hornet stings in ’64. Left hip and back between the shoulder blades. Yeah, apparently I was a hypochondriac. Lyme arthritis is tougher than drugpricescancer. I know because I had both. Thank God for Wild Apple Leaves plus enzymes but still have to work backwards through the whole biofilmed thing it appears. It takes a couple years to get 50 years of that out. This pain is hard. Stiff shot of tequila hard, plus aspirin, plus tylenol. All bad. Plus ibuprofen.  People with this say Codeine or morphine won’t cut it without doubling up. Tylenol 3’s not enough.  Oxycodone the same. Aspirin alone, AKA Naproxen, does help a bit. They say it’s hard on the guts so they only give you one bottle and no refills. Lovely. Now they have biologics to switch off the pain response gene. They only cost $1,800 a month. Or there is Celebrex at a tenth of that… My doctor is worried that it may cause heart trouble. Wild apple leaves are easily 10 times as powerful as Celebrex with no downside. I found an old WAL+. That is getting it but now I am a painkiller toilet with that. I have to stretch the WAL because I gave all the other AppLyme Para~Sight 4:1s to a cancer victim. The cancer victim never received it, because the middle man took it instead I guess.





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Sun, Mar 26/17 – Parasites Cause Everything

Clinical Mental Retardation first and foremost. Obesity. Heart Disease. All Cancer. Respiratory Illness. MS. ALS. Alzheimer’s. Arthritis. Everything else. They come from insects, aquatic surfaces, and contact with everything.Humans obviously have no immunity to any of those exposed by eating wild apple leaves, for they have been alive for decades in many cases. WAL also expose the pathetic ignorance of all medical science to all of these. They are also exposed to clinical mental retardation from birth.

I see the eagle has been up early. There’s a hole in the snow. Maybe he got a mole feeding on apple roots. Actually two holes about a metre and a half apart. Maybe came back for seconds. The wild apple eater smorg is big on his agenda now. Now I am worried he will try to take me on. I’m wild apple leaf grade “A” prime to his eagle eyes, and he is getting stronger by the snack. Note to self. Wear my old motorcycle helmet out there for those talons, and keep hands in pockets. He’s getting awful feisty, and hungry it seems. He’s eating all my furry little pets.

I also haven’t been this light since Grade 9. I was 14 years old then. I wonder if that eagle is main_surveyor3lighter from all that lean heavy metal free wild apple fibre meat? Maybe that is why he looks so well. The animals he has attacked seemed like they would be impossible to lift impossible to lift like Bart and those raccoons. It must have been like a shot of anti gravity to him. Yeah we’re the weird anti gravity aliens at the end of the block… Nothing to see here folks. Move along now. More likely we’re not sacks of worm poop. NASA would be very interested in that. Weight is everything in that business I know. Alan Bean shown here is part of the Falcon crew. A Falcon would be another interested bird of prey, as would an Owl.





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Sat, Mar 25/17 – The Eagle Has Landed!

Neil_ArmstrongNeil, pictured here, suffers from a Kissing Bug Worm coming out of his right lower lip. They feed while you sleep and use an anaesthetic while they bite so you don’t wake up. There are three more there in his right upper lip possibly, but they did not exit. That puzzled  me why the other three didn’t exit too. There may be another few left in the centre of his lower lip too. He died of a heart attack in 2012. Now I know that from the experiences of a test patient here, and she had the same thing come out from Wild Apple Leaves. She only had a couple though. The Neutrinos in space travel may force those ones out, but only if they are a direct hit. Wild Apple Leaves would have forced all 6 out and maybe more you can’t see. The 5 other worms got the memo from their deceased buddy in Neil I see. It is one of those diseases you don’t even know you have until Wild Apple Leaves force the stealthy Trypanosoma cruzi worm and others out. That’s one small step for a worm sack, One giant leap for sack o’ worm shit-kind.

Kissing bugs are different from bedbugs, but do employ the same anaesthetic tactic when they bite. I had some worms come out that could be explained by bedbugs. The signature bite pattern in lines was repeated as the worms left.

Neil_ArmstrongI actually have a strange real Eagle here that was puzzling me, but I have figured it out now. He ate a raccoon that was eating frozen fallen apples under the snow of my phage test tree. I know. He is the strongest eagle I have ever seen and his feathers are immaculate. All the others I had seen were dirty near dead fish eaters. Eagles like live animals only. They are picky eaters. Then it hit me. He eats Wild Apple Tree eating animals. I suspect he got Bart, my stray cat wild apple leaf tester! Bart had recovered from starved stray and was the size of one of those raccoons with paws that could palm a baseball. He got the wandering eye like a dog though, and that Eagle took notice of him I bet.

First and foremost, eagles are birds of prey. This one is the healthiest one I have ever seen eating mostly a wild apple tree eater diet. He got a chipmunk apple bark nibbler too I see. He got a raccoon carrying a phage apple. The apple dropped in  the snow. You see craters in the snow where he snatches at prey. On a side note, I found that if I feed bits of stale bread to the crows, they coo kind of like pigeons, and don’t squawk. People try to shoot them because they are like roosters at sun up. Just fed them popcorn or crumbs and they coo.

I’m listening to the Bill Burr Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast. He doesn’t know that parasites eat hair. He talks to a coyote about a road runner, crappy Sam Adams Blueberry Witbier, and over boiled vegetables. If you are one of those media F-Bomb Police hypocrites, like Bill Cosby, fuck off.

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Fri, Mar 24/17 – England

ig-farbenEngland is an important link to world wide propagation of Wild Apple Leaves. Captain Bligh brought the apple tree to Tasmania, and Capt. bayer-advancedVancouver brought it to British Columbia after Cook mapped it out. They also introduced deer to New Zealand. Germans went about poisoning all apple trees world wide with IG Farben spin off Bayer Advanced. Ze Amerikaner Dow Chemical also does its part in poisoning the most valuable crop in the world.

smokinkillsThis is why I get confused when British people, especially Royalty, ask me for Wild Apple Leaves. William Windsor – king  (Gee, ya think? I thought he was the son of the Prince of Wales, but second in line, Clowe Snuff?) asks me “In need of starting this regime but where do I get the things from I’m in a city in the UK dying eaten alive please message me. God guide these people to help me, Amen” Well, Your Highness, go to Adelaide, Queensland, Australia where the wild apple leaves are ripe for the picking right now! Then fan out to search down wild apple trees  from deer and apples introduced by Your Fore bearers’ Royal Navy over 250 years ago. The key is to find wild trees that do not have any pesticide. Tell Tony Garch in Mildura, NSW, that mike1baker sent ya. I’m in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada here and they are out of season here as well.

LeafsPerhaps you can ask Grandma, and Her Royal Botanical Society division. She may have a little more pull with those douche bags. You need a handful of Natural Fungicide and Pesticide free apple leaves. Air dry them to take the chlorophyll bitterness out. Don’t bother trying to make tea because the phloridzin is not water soluble. Eat them. You also do not want to kill the active phage in them. Ironically, that makes trees that grow in a septic field more powerful. The purpose of the prepared leaves is multiple. They force out the parasite worms making up 25% of your body weight. They are also strongly antimicrobial, while also being pro biotic, getting around the problem your Great Grandfather’s Sir Fleming found with his penicillin discovery.

CO|DAThanks for asking William, and as we know, even Royalty is not immune to Lyme Disease. I know how the family can be a pain, Wills, but can you get me a peerage? Sir Michael? Then I will be able to get you all the wild apple leaves you want with 24-7 support, because I can use diplomatic channels to negate the Canada Post Plant Act then. Also, could you please also get one for my nephew in law Jimmy Page for at least “The Lyme Song“? Actually, fitire Sir James and UI are friendies because of Biological Research, which I am quite passionate about. My niece gave his Lyme  a squeeze a couple years ago, but no comments about the Jews running down his leg. I know he, or more correctly Robert, pissed nan and great aunt Anne off at the Royal Albert Hall, but can’t blame a guy for tryin’. It was agreed that they would not play The Lyme Song, but they did anyway kind of. The Jews came outta Her Royal Ears after that, and they were not amused as you probably know. You want Wild Apple Leaves, it’s a small price to ask I thought.

No Fzckin' 1It would be another fatal illness wild apple leaves cure too, but I understand you don’t want the Queen involved. She would never die if she started doing wild apple leaves under my strict guidance, and we know that isn’t really to your advantage. I doubt she remembers me from 1973 when I worked for her in Calgary when we last met, but do say Hi any ways. Also shout out to Dad when I gave him that UBC Engineers jacket in ’81. I’m patient. Perhaps Harold or Uncle Andrew have more free time to work with the Australians right now. Make sure they pick the whole leaf including the stem as it also has the active ingredient. Hook up with me on Facebook if you want to chat more about the details. If you want to remain anonymous, I friend most everybody except those porn trolls.

trudeau-liebensraumSir, I could also use a hand dealing with our National Health, Hell Canada. Surely Grandmama also remembers dealing with this idiot. He pirouetted in her Royal Presence at Buckingham. His idiot faggot son, not that there is anything wrong with that, hams bucking royally, runs the show now. Can you lock him in the Tower awaiting trial forEVAH? Sir, the charge is Transnational Organized Crime, over running an insurance  racket extorting doctors of the Royal College by threatening them with disassociation. This forces disabled patients across international borders to seek medical aid for MS and ALS conditions they are forbidden to diagnose. Iatrogenic death is the leading cause of death in the former realm here, in which Trudeau here tore up the British North America Act to steal oil from Alberta (So named for the husband of Victoria as you know since your son was conceived there with Kate, not far Apple Leavesfrom where I live) and BC. We had him by the balls for $100 Billion 1973 dollars then and $1 Trillion adjusted for inflation now. He has since passed away, but continues to rule from Hell where he is in good company with Dolf, Joe Stalin, and the Reich these days. I presume ze Russian Front never ends there for Pierre! I have been a good Cub Scout and actually was part of an honour guard for Lord Baden Powell in Calgary in the 60’s with Stephen Harper and Stuart Phillips on behalf of the Anglican Church of Canada. I look forward to being in your Royal Service as part of your Royal Engineers guarding the fence between Heaven and Royal Hell, for I am 61 years old. I have also run naked through the jungles of the world and been bit by every gawdam kind of bug packing parasites in the world until Wild Apple Leaves skunked them all out. You’d smoke a Royal Cigar too because they’re thousands of times deadlier than cigarettes!