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Wed, Mar 1, 2017 – Vector Forensics

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What? A smoking arrow? Vectors are Natures dirty needles. Wild Apple Leaves kill nematode infected vectors. Meanwhile, iatrogenic deaths have overtaken Heart Disease as the leading cause of human death if you can believe that source. Nearly 784,000 Americans a year are dying in hospitals because of them, not because of what they went in for. HD and Cancer each take about 600,000+ a year each now, with heart disease showing a reduction. Cancer has increased. I’m the same age Bill Paxton was, 61.

Back to the plot. This has nothing to do with the failed pseudo science of medicine. It is forensic science that will put them in jail however. Vector forensics get to the bottom of what is really happening. Medicine still has a role to play in trauma if you can survive it, both the trauma and the medical insult born of incompetence and unrelated infection. The trouble is you have to stay away from these failed centralized health and elderly care palaces teaming with filth and ID. How bad? Just try going into one saturated with Wild Apple Leaves and it becomes as obvious as Luminol all the crap that you catch there opposed to the normal stuff on the street.

Don’t just write it off as a rash. Those are actually vector worms exiting the intended roost, your body. They abhor the phage and poly phenols in Wild Apple Leaves. Only a fool challenges the forensic science. Consequently, expect a huge protest from the medical community. They’re the largest population of fools you can imagine. Humour them. Start up an exchange whether they think that medical error is the third or the leading cause of death? Congratulate them on their recent peer reviewed gold medal award, conversely pointing out that you think medical peer review is bullshzt too. Then argue the difference between third place and first, in this case being more than twice the number of dead. Point out that no matter which way you slice it, nothing personal of course, that they are perhaps the most incompetent bunch of self aggrandizing azzholes to ever walk the face of the earth, not peer reviewed.

Columbo Gotcha! 2015-01-10 19:41:08On the other monitor, I have that Iatrogenic Injury PDF open. It paints a horrific picture. Wild Apple Leaves solve most of the stuff people are taught to expect doctors to solve, but there is a 1 in 5 chance of getting accidentally murdered in their care. It gets worse. That is a conservative estimate since only 5 to 20% of errors are reported. Stay away from those goofs! Second, do a Wild Apple Leaf vector sweep to discover the forensics they won’t tell you about,  and further distance yourself from them. Combine both groups of forensics, and you realize all of a sudden what wild apple leaves alone show you in no uncertain terms. They’re criminal cover up artists, no better than all the other murderers doing life imprisonment. Above all, you should realize this. They are accountable to no one but themselves, and you should proceed with a full in depth forensic investigation yourself, realizing that each and every one of them will lie, the first lie being “That isn’t my experience.”

Now you are getting somewhere. They’re mass murderers, only able to cover up somewhere between one and 5 murders out of 5. Most people are hurt and confused when they are signed in for useless serology, proven by wild apple leaves, which in Canada means they have signed their life away, absolving the mass murdering cabal of any wrong doing. The bigger lie is Cancer, but by whose assessment? It’s another license for them to pad their pay check. The even bigger lie is the Cancer Society. They just collect money for themselves and useless microscopic focus science. Otherwise, they would cure it outright like I did and pocket a tidy sum to boot. The only peer review of their criminal crap should be the argument for or against reinstatement of the death penalty. Again, the wild apple leaf forensic test catches them in a lie and criminal conspiracy fraud at best.

The advances to forensic sciences are enormous, and stop a trillion dollar fraud dead in its tracks. Better get on it. Clock is ticking. The leaves are ripening in Adelaide. Can the findings be in error? That can be the case in some instances of toxicology studies, but not with one like this actually producing a physical animal parasite. Expect the first rebuttal to disclaim that the parasite causes illness at all. Time will wallop that one. Those who eat wild apple leaves will live, and all others playing this horrific medical patty cake game will be dead or fast approaching death. The biggest scam is that smoking causes everything. On the contrary, it is more like running 5 to twenty kilometers a day, also not good for you. Look at all the jogging heart attacks. A pectin tax should be imposed instead at $100 a kg of starch.. Kraft Dinner should be more like $50 a box instead of 50 cents. It is the bulk of health care expenditure if heart disease is the trouble, even if it is minor compared to iatrogenic caused death. Any iatrogenic study is garbage like murderers holding their own trial. Hey, they’ll likely argue, that’s peer reviewed! Wild apple leaves and pectic enzyme catch them dead to rights in the act of trying to do that. 10 times deadlier than smoking would be more like it.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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