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Thurs, Mar 2, 2017 – Iatrogenesis

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Iatrogenic factors are basically injury by medical intervention itself. In 1974, Ivan Illich made a convincing argument that eventually it would become the leading cause of death.  Now we are at that point. Wild Apple Leaves are that proverbial Apple Computer moment when the girl runs through the brainwashed dystopian masses and throws the sledgehammer into the jumbotron screen. All you can say is wake up people! It may be too late as the world is cast into iatrogenic poverty. Iatrogenocide is the Leading Cause of death now in the USA, and worse in the alleged free world countries like Canada where there are even less checks and balances against it.

How did it happen? We were led to believe that doctors are our best and brightest. That was not the case at all when and where I grew up. The best and brightest in objective logical disciplines such as math and physics gravitated to math, engineering, chemistry, and physics in higher education. One went into veterinary sciences. He was my best friend in grade school, and excelled at all of the above. Unfortunately, he died at a young age from intestinal cancer. His father also died from heart disease while we were young. Like his son, he was born rh+ which led to complications down the line, even though he was athletic. Since that time, expenditure on health care has exploded, yet life expectancy has dropped. The world of Iatrogenocide, a new word for it, has brought wide spreading Iatrogenic poverty.

When incurable diseases like Lyme Disease crop up, they are swept under the carpet, since internally it is well known that they only result in that prickly “I” word. Medical intervention only results in killing the patient. Wild Apple Leaves haven’t killed me yet, leaving the murderous Iatrogenic clique jelly and mad. In the process they have wiped out all sorts of iatrogenic lethal illness. That is because over the entire history of medicine, the murderers have not discovered the ubiquitous nematodiasis underlying most if not all infectious diseases. I had to discover it myself. Over 31 months it has been a can of worms, and continues as domestic vectors are poised to strike 24 7. Many are so small they can’t even be seen, but wild apple leaves show the tell tale worm exit mark instantly along with the infected vector bite, on top of being inherently antimicrobial. Wild apple leaves must supercharge yuor immunity to many of these things, show by the fact they wipe out colds and flu in hours, both illnesses still beyond and above all potentially iatrogenic medical intervention.

Wild Apple Leaves eliminate iatrogenocide by eliminating all medical intervention short of trauma. What about psychiatric? It is arguably the most deadly form of Iatrogenocide. It is a deadly pseudo science that has chemically segued to pure Iatrogenic. Wild Apple Leaves wipe out the need for it in 72 hours. YMMV, but I doubt it. Until then, you are on your own, and it is undeniably deadly.

This is over and above the proposed US health care reform. It should be priced accordingly, allowing toxicology screening which is not even done in super markets. By default and in the absence of toxicology screening there, you can assume all commercially available food is unfit for consumption. It looks like food but is more a deadly health problem on too many fronts to count. Herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides are the tip of the iceberg, leading to an explosion in the size of the vector reservoir base of disease. All available food only leads to greater pressures that wild apple leaves are the only known treatment for.

psychelpWhat is Antediluvian? I think it means before the Great Flood of Noah. The antediluvian patriarchs lived 1,000 years, and medical science has failed to even get close to 10% of that until now. Comparatively, Moses only lived 120 years, so 12%, presumably from the days of the Ebers Papyrus, the basis of all modern medicine. Notable exceptions along the way since then have been Dr Griffith Evans, MD, DVM, who survived 99 years. By taking the entire failed field of medical science into the metaphysical engineering realm, Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae, He discovered Surra, a cerobrospinal nematodiasis of animal husbandry mammals. It exhibited all the attributes of a prion disease, linking it to BSE eventually and TSE spongiform encephalitis in general. This pointed to vector nematodes such as those eliminated by Wild Apple Leaves as the culprit, and it made sense. The forensic science afforded by Wild Apple Leaves made it obvious even to a red neck hill billy in British Columbia. It was discovered my mimicking the cervid penchant for Wild Apple Leaves, and exposed the resulting apparent mammalian healing properties and mechanics of same.

Why else would they go to the trouble of writing a Bible virtually in stone, and founding most of the world’s religions based on it? It lives to this day a a testament to the abject failures of all medicine to even approach antediluvian levels, achieved by simply falling off the turnip truck. I discovered that it was likely beside a wild apple tree, and that was all there was to eat. Iatrogenic poverty is the official medical result, and of course being the perps, they kind of do not want to let it be known in such a widespread fashion. Fzck ’em, and I really mean it, murderous bastards.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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