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Fri, Mar 3, 2017 – Iatrogenic Paradox

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Oncology is an example of it. The theory is to intentionally injure your defective cancerous tissue by irradiating it, and let your immunity start over by rebuilding the now dead cancerous tissue from scratch. Wild Apple Leaves also pose an iatrogenic paradox in that they work better at expunging vector parasitic nematodes for tobacco smokers. The takeaway is that to a measured extent, medicine must inflict some pain to have some gain. How do you justify that? Of course we want to minimize the iatrogenesis, but I wish I could find the episode of House MD where he prescribes 2 cigarettes a day for irritable bowel disease. That would be an example of an iatrogenic paradox.

Another common one is “No Pain, No Gain.” Coming off of a lifelong struggle with arthritis that ruined my life up to two years ago with pain, and which exercise made more painful, I thought that was really a stupid one. No pain to me was no damage. Ironically, all the athletes I knew growing up are on the verge of death with heart disease and intestinal cancer. Others on getting second hip replacements. They wore their knees and hips out. Then there is smoking. The cure for smoking kills an enormously high percentage of patients, the Champix/Chantix Death/Suicide Pill. Smoking can kill you in 70-80 years, but the treatment for it can kill you in a couple weeks. Truth is the starch and bug bite worms galore kill you and the smoking gets blamed for it. Again it is a case of direct iatrogenic murder by doctors, defying all logic. Truth is it points to mouth breathing abject stupidity on behalf of health care professionals who should know better, but are blinded by greed. Good thing they can’t be sued or they would be bankrupt. Maybe good for Them, but not you. Their ethical bankruptcy leads to serial Iatrogenic paradoxical behaviour on the bad side.

There is the good, the bad, and the ugly Iatrogenic Paradoxical. All that scanning with x-rays and nuclear scanning is good for them, yet risky and lousy for you. More often than not it leads to Iatrocide from unnecessary surgical intervention with super bug contaminated medical instruments and machines. “Oh, I don’t like the look of that!!” when in reality it is a snot lump that can be eliminated by wild apple leaves and pectic enzyme, saving you in groceries, and lowering your body mass index as a side effect. They will lie about their surgical track record to assure you when there is no competition to vet them. Wild Apple Leaves and Smoking is a case of good Iatrogenic Paradox. Skin cancer treatment with liquid nitrogen is another example of good iatrogenic paradox. It has a better outcome than the unchecked melanoma itself.

amish-cureNow the mutually assured destruction threat of the atomic era has given way to iatrogenic poverty, a paradox as well. Greed driven medicine has excluded all competition and excluded cures for treatments that bankrupt whole families. Pile that onto the fact that the iatrogenesis has become deadlier than the increasing diseases and they hold a gun to your head for money. Doctors themselves thump this tub to their own benefit excluding effective alternatives like wild apple leaves and others. Three letter government agencies bully innovators doing far better than big pharma at it.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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