Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Mar 4, 2017 – EnviroMetal

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I think it is Season 8  Episode 43 of “Forensic Files” on Netflix, “The Metal Business”. Business partner buys life insurance policy for the other partner, then proceeds to poison him with heavy metals. Doctors are stumped, and victim’s health slowly spirals downwards. They finally caught it by doing toxicology on his hair. They found mercury, but there was also lead, arsenic, and antimony. The nerve damage was permanent. His partner got 40 years until first parole for attempted murder. The motive was life insurance money. A common motive, the perp was a chemistry teacher. Insurance is the motive for lots of these things.

Move to iatrogenic health care. How do they make insurance money off that? Two ways. Direct life insurance for healthy individuals that they then murder, or just by simple loss reduction by eliminating liabilities for all others, like retired or disabled individuals living on pension. In Canada, it would be a form of democide “Death By Government”, where people are worth more money dead. Why do they do it? They’re all hooked on crack and meth. Looking at the way the statistics are going, they are doing it, but it is hard to make a case with all circumstantial evidence. It is a loophole in the system shaped conveniently like a noose.

How can you prevent it? Don’t give anybody motive by letting them take out a life insurance policy on you. That’s kind of tough when anybody can take out life insurance on you. Then they poison you with heavy metals by sneaking them into food or drinks. Paranoid? That is the first thing the suspects say. Then they move to say they don’t like your thoughts to have you declared insane. It sounds all so convenient like Lyme Disease. They way the response to borrelia is in Canada, they are First Persons of interest. All they do is let a vial of ticks and spiders go in your mailbox. They don’t count on Wild Apple Leaves, also a second line defence for heavy metal poisoning. Insoluble plant fibres are king at capturing heavy metals in general, with lots of mercury also coming from broken CFL lights. If you are older, leaded gasoline was a culprit environmentally too. Manganese from MMT wasn’t much of an improvement, and on top of manganese fungicides on fruit, it leads to Parkinson’s Disease. While the fruit is growing it can capture and get saturated with it as well.

We shoot ourselves in the foot living in an increasingly toxic environment, saturating what we perceive as natural fibres. All organically grown may not matter when the atmosphere is a toxic waste dump. This could be trouble around free ways or crowded thoroughfares with air containing anti knock compound waste, and wild apple trees as the plants sequester airborne metals like lead or manganese in the fibre as they have an affinity to do. Rule of thumb is insoluble fibres like psyllium grass or hemp sequester heavy metals. Wild apple tree fibres are an extreme version of that.

Crops of fibre like wheat, rye, barley, and corn are the same thing. This is over and above all the GMO trouble which modifies the plant to withstand higher chemical and metal assault, but wrecks its natural ability to absorb more of the same that would otherwise kill the plant. Dr Stephanie Seneff details a lot of the troubles that winds up causing. In the vain mindset to make the fibrous plants more visually appealing, they destroy the whole point why we eat them. Heavy  Metals wreak havoc with soft tissue organs like liver and kidneys, not to mention the brain, but I know I’m preaching to the choir there. Heavy duty fibres are needed to scavenge these metals back out of your system, and lonely Wild Apple Leaves from the boon docks seem to be a winner at doing that. The continuing feeling of well being may be attributable to that alone, but getting rid of the worms helps cheer you up too.

Look at a public health epidemic like obesity and you can bet the metal-bolism has a lot to do with it. Wild Apple Leaves really put the brakes on obesity. They restore calcium metabolism and strengthen bones as a consequence. There are papers about the role Phloretin plays in that. It is the go to cure for the epidemic of Type II diabetes for that reason. Of course, you may rather go to Kinkos, print out posters  in 72 point caps, such as “I would rather die to show how much smarter I am than Mike1Baker!” Then get a GluStik to glue one to the roof over your bed, and another across from your toilet. Well, you may be smarter, but I may live. You have to keep about a hundred pounds of additional heavy metals, vector parasite worms, and biofilm glop out of the grave too though.We’ll see how that goes. If the before and after feeling is any indication, I don’t think it goes as well as you may expect.

Everybody lies. They even lie to themselves. There is no consequence, and as Forensic Files shows, it’s a last ditch futile effort. Lying to yourself about all the bug worms doesn’t fool anybody else. Maybe that’s how Santa knows if you’ve been good or bad. Earth must be a penal colony planet for nere do wells who can’t follow the Ten Commandments. It’s a pit of false witnesses even to themselves! Some say the Titanic was sunk on purpose to get insurance money. Some say the Jews are God’s chosen people. They were chosen for this awful place then. They said Washington couldn’t tell a lie about chopping trees down Betcha he told some other whoppers though, and especially to the British. Like Trump says though Canadians are liars. Well, pot, kettle, black. Like Tyrus says to Gutfeld, Trump could have a cure for cancer in one hand, AIDS in the other, and Rats would say “What? No flu cold??”





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