Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Mar 5, 2017 – Old Orchard House

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The reason it is old is because they put a residential neighbourhood where the Old Orchard used to be. At that time, they had no idea that the natural leaves are worth thousands of times more than the apples I take it. The dry powdered leaves are worth more than diamonds in medicine terms, but everybody is so smart. For Apples alone, it is hard for any orchard to compete with all the GMO varieties slathered with every kind of poison you can think of. If you want that be my guest. Go hang around the produce aisle. Can I buy a term life insurance policy on you with myself as beneficiary? The way Lyme Disease is exploding, it won’t take long. Then you’ll panic and get killed iatrogenically anyway.

That brings me to Dr Hulda Clark, RIP. I agree with everything she says, and Wild Apple Leaves are the way I could vet it. But she’s dead since 2009. Well, that is the hazard of being a doctor, even naturopath, in that business. Her downfall was parasites she had not discovered yet. I tried several of the things like Black Walnut and clove powder, but there were hundreds of parasites wild apple leaves whacked after doing that, some hiding in biofilm, and some 6 months before I even tried that. I see she discovered the electric excitation phenomenon. I didn’t even need a battery. I chemically lit ’em up with thujone. It sure made ’em talk turkey then. Don’t try this at home kids! lol

The biggest reason is that all doctors are compelled to kill the parasites. Not so fast there Skippy! Those parasites can kill you well before you even piss them off. They don’t care because they can survive just fine without you as a host. Dr Clark discovered that boiling won’t even kill them. I discovered some species aren’t even killed by cremation, which makes me suspect they are a species entirely comprised of Dark Matter. They still leave an exit wound with Wild Apple Leaves though, and I would be interested what your take is on that. I haven’t got a fzckin’ clue why that is. Wouldn’t the cremation kill them? There must be an entire dark matter periodic table and elements that do not respond to light matter oxidation and heat in this side of the universe. Either the magnetic or gravitational properties of that dark matter must leave some sort of parting of the light matter molecules when they get skunked out. I did observe a pain response with powerful permanent magnets hovered over those ones. They used to live in the neurons in my right hip until the WAL smoked them out or sent them packing.

There is a second massive discovery since Dr Clark and that is Dr Bill Costerton, also RIP. He discovered Biofilm, bacterial biofilms, and how they inexplicably communicated internally. I found out that the biofilm construct is actually parasite neurology, or “worm brain.” To this end, I also discovered that the parasites were also using a spirochaete proxy as a biotic to steal human neural matter, and graft into all human endocrine/neurology in a strange two way parasite/host symbiosis. Again, the wild apple leaves force the worms to fold all this obviously so a child of three can figure it out. The more you go looking for forensic evidence that never changes, and draw irrefutable conclusions, the more you will find out. They are fascinating lil’ critters.

Back to the plot, we sure know this is Apple Country from the history, but those days have gone the way of the nickel beer. The apples came out with the rail road in 1908 when the Caduceus.svgOld Orchard House was built in the town where these big horkin’ fish had arms apparently. They’re riddled with worms too, so the worms can jump from warm to cold blooded hosts and vice versa with ease. And boy, do they ever get around. Fish and fowl, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. What would a child o’ three say? “Doctor fulla worms and worm shzt!” From the mouths of babes. There are at least three takeaways here. The kid can tell. The kid is smarter than the doctor, and it isn’t exactly rocket science. The kid has potty mouth literally and figuratively because it will take at least until he is 4 to clear it all out.

Dr Clark links Parkinson’s to bug sprays. I know it is linked to Manocozeb fungicide on all fruit trees and other produce too. Prostate is linked to nickel and mercury. That’s news to me. I linked pattern baldness to worms. She says nickel. WAL shows that maybe it’s both since the apple leaves treat both metal toxicity and worms at the source. Those worms steal not only the hair, but all the new hair materials the follicle makes even when it stops spewing excess hair out. Maybe because it is great WiFi stuff for that biofilm. When you boot the worm out, the follicle starts to work again. Like the Old Orchard House, people are of the mindset to tear everything down that is old while Dr Clark’s lifetime of work screams fixer upper to me to build on a solid foundation using new technology I discovered. Too bad you can’t pull the old orchard out of the hat along with it. It may have grown cherries anyway.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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