Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Mar 6, 2017 – Drain The Swamp

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I often say a child of 3 could figure this out. A doctor of 30 claims they can’t because it would expose all health care to be a total scam of crappy ineffective medication, and they realize that all their education regarding infectious disease has been a lie, leaving them broke and enslaved to get out of student debt. Ironically, with a little work, they would free up all their time and live on easy street forEVAH! That’s not how the criminally coerced impaired intellect/memorymind works however. You have to drain the swamp instead and let them slither and flop around in the mud while firing a bag of BB’s at ’em from the banks to make it as painful as possible. Sell tickets with a free loaner BB gun and bag of BB’s.

Fighting back at plain bug bites would wipe out 99% of health care overnight. That’s conservative. Wild apple leaves prove it. You could fire BB’s at the worms too but you would miss. They’re too small. Just let ’em go and they’ll be grateful. They didn’t really ask for you either. You gave them enough blood to hatch in, but they’ve got bigger plans now in a much bigger biofilm world that seems like heaven to them.

I have a new thing with Wild Apple Leaves. Just a little Aspirin. I have to finish the bottle up anyway because of the best before date. That’s another scam too. If it is cool, dark, and dry, the stuff has a half life rivalling nuclear waste. It seems to get the biofilm juices flowing a little better. I’m not sure it is much better than cayenne pepper but we’ll see. It seems to be more enduring. That is just a single standard aspirin in the morning, and now it is suppertime.

Now I have an eagle sitting on my #2 wild apple tree. The ravens are playing tag with him looking for scraps. Pretty big bird, but the hens are bigger still. Those raccoons would be a snack. Maybe they already are. That’s how things are going in the menagerie out here. In related animal studies, the first thing the snakes will do is try to plug the drain where you are draining the swamp. The best defence against that is multiple diverse drains. A national news story would help. Unfortunately the news is preoccupied with bullshzt. The largest demographic needing the most help is the elderly. Traditional medicine is iatrogenic to aged people. Wild apple leaves make that totally obvious. Geriatrics or gerontology has to be rewritten, as does all medicine obviously, because life expectancy is dropping. Gerontology should start at age 3 or earlier for optimal results. Therefore the term medical gerontology is an oxymoron.

The crucial geriatric giant is impaired intellect/memory. Next is frailty. Wild apple leaves whack the mental impairment necessary to get the elderly patient to the point of self help. The geriatric giants are all late stage Lyme characteristics, compounded by iatrogenesis of medicine, and undeniably especially in Lyme Disease. You instantly find out that it is largely vector nematode parasites, and it is essential to stop them. Dr Hulda Clark knew this, but did not know that wild apple leaves expose and simultaneously eliminate hundreds more parasites of dozens of different species. Unfortunately everybody lets it go too long before they realise that something is wrong, and irreparable damage has already been done. Old age starts at Day 1 of your life. Most people never figure that out. Wild Apple Leaves make you an instant expert exposing the answer in hours. People keep asking me where can I get them? You can’t buy them anywhere. I’ve tried. So I say “From a wild apple tree!” What does that cost you? One billion? One trillion? Nothing? YMMV. Deer have no problem finding them. Raccoons and squirrels either. Eagle figured it out pretty damn quick too.

mbigYou may say medicine is impossibly complex. You would be right, but above and beyond that, it gets far more complicated when vectors parasites they know nothing about are added on top, as they obviously are in reality. That is a major candidate for why all medicine has failed so miserably at Job One: Longevity. Wild Apple Leaves are simply the start of a crash course in medical grad school. Vector Parasites and Biofilm Elimination. There IS one disease, multiple vector borrelia, that medicine ignores. They make up a pigeon hole model to slap on that to pick fly shzt outta pepper to make money from it. Wild Apple Leaves are the first crucial part of the cure, eliminating thousands of flukes and nematodes that you will see and feel coming out in terms a child of 3 can understand.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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