Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Mar 8, 2017 – Geriatric Engineering

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One think I know from my premature borrelia brush with gerontology, the engineering is horrible. No handrails for instability. The world below 3 feet height no longer exists. The trend towards higher bed heights is idiotic and lethal. People are especially idiotic and lethal making orthogonal obstacle courses they think look pretty. I have an idea. Give CO|DAthem an epidural anesthetic for a day in their own playground from Hell. Then when they are flopping around all over the floor bloodying their feet, knees, hips, and ankles, berate them like a doctor does to Lyme sufferers. Then when it starts to wear off, paralyse them again with a double shot this time. Turn off all the lights, turn on old boring country music, and leave them to charge your taser for tomorrow. They’ll either be madder than a wet hornet or apologetic that they see now that immobility is 24 7 for the “client,” and being immobilized doesn’t mean they are stupid, don’t like Led Zeppelin, or have to be yelled at or spoken to with a raised voice.

Caduceus.svgIt doesn’t make any sense. We were always taught that doctors are smart. They can’t be so idiotic that they ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room that vector worm parasites are. But they are. What’s up with that? Are they in worm cahoots? Could be. The worms may have blackmailed them! It lends credence to my theory that worms are able to coerce the host mammal to fulfil their needs, and also lends motive to the Smokers Paradox where combining tobacco-licorice smoke plus wild apple leaves multiplies the anthelmintic effect exponentially. No doctors will smoke. Well, all I can say is Wild Apple Leaves could turn the tables for them, including using the wormwood tickle trick to demand more information from their worm complex Then they would sky rocket into the Nobel Prize league overnight. It’s not like they have a competing chance here.

There are a dozen or more Nobel Prize categories for the big ones. Physics. Medicine and Physiology. Chemistry. Peace Prize, although I don’t think Trump is in the running.  In short, you need so much blackmail dirt on you that you can’t achieve anything while in office. Wild Apple Tree fibre is a proven heavy metal chelator plus they literally open an entire new can of worms in health care/physiology that has been undiscovered for all time. Why don’t they get a Nobel? Well, trust me, I’m no doctor. If you are, I could show you all the secrets I learned about them, and I just know you’ll never find out about. That’s because no doctor would ever smoke a cigar, even to get a Nobel Prize. The worms have them convinced that cigars are deadlier than even worms are. Good luck trying to convince them it is good exercise for their heart. Hey, it’s like jogging 20 miles a day without all the RSI.

I take it that will be a tough sell. What is a lot more interesting is the Magdalenians from the Age of Reindeer in Europe. By observing deer, they would know about apple leaves and the properties thereof.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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