Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Mar 10/17 – Deer People

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Upper Paleolithic people were hunter, gatherer, tool maker types. The Bow and Arrow were such tools, and they used them to hunt for deer. The Tyrolean Iceman, 5300 years ago, was a Solutrean by DNA analysis. Solutreans were known to be the more sophisticated post Magdalenian Reindeer People. It is not too far a stretch to assume they would know the ability of apple trees to bait deer. They would also know that the deer liked the leaves over the apples while they were growing. Their survival depended on deer, so there was an extreme draw to find out everything they could about all cervids in general. That would include wapiti-elk, red deer. reindeer, ibex, moose, and more. This eventually evolved to animal husbandry and agriculture. Apples, berries, nuts, corn, figs, and grapes to name a few. Solutreans were especially cited to know about all manners of edible plants, and likely by observing the diet of deer species.

Deer BallsModern man has apparently forgotten much of this. Survival skills have been dumbed down to knowing the address of the supermarket and the doctors office. Nowadays both are deadly. Hollywood is the other deadly stupid thing, such as the Flintstones mixing dinosaurs and people, when the dinosaurs were extinct 80 million years before Homo Erectus. You want to tell people to snap out of it, but they can’t. Parasitic worms and bad informatio0n have them zombied into a compliance of stupidity. Social pressures are also too much weight when they are out of school, no longer being vetted. The parasitic worms can’t be overlooked being in complete control to their own advantages. The human is merely a host of convenience, and a means to achieve an end for the parasitic complex. The parasite knows more of human neurology than the host does by far. It is also in a unique position to take full advantage of it, until Wild Apple Leaves and pectic enzyme dismantle all the biofilm controlling the human or animal host. The effect becomes obvious in 72 hours, although the human becomes confused when the neuro parasites leave in haste. It is hard to know what is happening, but after a year or so you get an idea.

Absence makes the change more obvious. More experience allows you to discover how much disease the vector sourced worms and flukes must have been behind. They’re behind headaches, baldness, flu, common colds, and the mumps too to name a few. Arthritis is tougher and takes longer. Cancer is apparently easier than arthritis to deal with. Some kind of Meningitis is the first to go. Nobody will believe it but who cares? You know. Laugh at the worm bags and fluke flakes because they won’t have a clue. All medicine since pre Biblical Solutrean and Magdalenian  culture migrated from caves will have absolutely no clue about this. Worms probably wrote the Bible through their Rabbi hosts, riddled with fully worm stocked biofilm from their starchy diets. Ironically, people are labelled “sheeple,” another favourite neurologically active host for flukes that target ant neurology to be ingested by sheep where they breed in the sheep bile ducts.

Get back to laughing at doctors, dumbed down to a post Biblical state of rank ignorance. They can’t help you with any of those conditions. They’re an instant slam dunk for apple leaves though. Be amused, because it is amusing. A simple supplement can wallop all medical science to date in the World. Magdalenian Medical Science is far above all medical science to date in the world and is behind the most expensive pharmaceuticals man has to offer.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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