Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Mar 11/17 – Cave Art

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It has been around for almost 40,000 years. The oldest animal painting was of a pig 37,300 years ago. You realize that they have to radio carbon date this stuff to see how old it is. Yet it seems superior to today’s medical technology when you look back at cave painting of antelope and deer, and deduce that these Homo Sapiens must have known how deer ate wild apple leaves. They would have tried them too, and voila. They would have discovered that there were worms in lots of old bug stings and bites, and they were obviously all still alive. Talk about late to the party. Doctors are all still blissfully ignorant of all of this, presuming that patients would have to be delusional about their own bodies. In short, they’re stupider than cave men.

Talk about having a highly inflated opinion of yourself, and this would have to be the worst case scenario EVAH! Our medical scientists are sub par to the level of Gravettian Cave Dwellers. If they were on par, there wouldn’t be all this trouble with infectious disease. Wild Apple Leaves would be known to not only treat them, but cure many if not most of them. Et Tu, Brutus? Anybody who witnesses wild apple leaves and how they smoke the worms out would be above those pikers understanding what is going on. What remains inexplicable is why they concentrate on tropical parasitology versus the all too real temperate parasitology exposed by wild apple leaves.

Now this is where it gets criminal. Doctors that are at least demonstrably 170 centuries out of date can declare you insane. Talk about the kids running the candy store. It seems medicine has evolved to Helminth Care by unwittingly addressing the needs of worms infesting humans for all modern time. A human doesn’t need much medicine, but their parasitics worms need gallons of the stuff. That’s because they pack millions of pathogens seeking shelter with them. Wild Apple Leaves boot the whole lot of them out with some biofilm slop left behind to mop up. You can see the problem of just using Ivermectin plus albendazole or DEC blindly to try and kill off the massive amount of worms in a human in one shot. It could understandably kill you from the massive sepsis from the die off.

So there you have it. Until you reclaim your body, you are endocrinology wise more parasite than human. The effect gets cumulatively worse as you age.








Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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