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Sun, Mar 12/17 – Earliest Fire Use

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Homo erectus, proto Neanderthals, were the earliest humans to use fire about 1.5 million years ago. The earliest known controlled use of fire was 1 million years ago in South Africa. The earliest clothes were about a half million years ago, while the earliest cooking was about 0.7 million years ago. People cooked naked for 200,000 years. People’s priorities were about the same. They would rather eat than fool around naked, given the either or choice. Of course they had the option to do both simultaneously for 200,000 years. It was probably the dominion of their Doctors, a special treat reserved for only them. They haven’t evolved much since. Medicine prefers to remain mired in the Lower Paleolithic era for economic reasons. We are expected to be stupid enough to buy that, and we do. A rare few renegades have made the bold leap to the Upper Paleolithic Era with Wild Apple Leaves. Doctors are petrified by the modernity and heresy of that. They’ll go broke.

Personally, I can’t think of a more deserving bunch of evil dumb faux Neanderthal goofs given their behaviour over the epidemic of Lyme Disease. Simply, 40,000 year old medicine outstrips all their technology to date that still plays around pervasive nematode parasites in all humans. Not a single scan has been developed to detect any of the ubiquitous parasites plaguing mankind. Not a single test has been developed short of Wild Apple Leaves for it either. Never in all history has an alleged science failed so badly at its prime mandate and objective. Far beyond incompetent, it is undeniably criminal. Anybody can see this by eating Wild Apple Leaves and watching all the bug bite nematodes scoot.

Deer Cave ArtSo how bad can these things be? As bad as it gets. They are killing you as you are reading this, slowly and surely. They cause most if not all disease. Only a doctor would be idiotic enough to challenge that, save for their narcissist supply patients. Without verifying, they chose to declare all people delusional,. save for those who worship their flawed analysis based on no evidence. Pure evil. S1 E2 “Unsealed: Conspiracy Files” on Netflix tells the whole sordid tale from Nazi Germany and Eric Traub. MKULTRA and Operation Paperclip loom large in Episode 3. Sounds a little fishy, but this is all FOIA stuff. Sounds like a perfect way to PWN Neanderthal Doctors to me. Arguably, Neolithic Medicine is more modern than what we have. Talk about back to basics!

Caduceus.svgI wanted a new drug and I got it. Wild Apple Leaves. The deal is it is a very old drug though. It cures Doctoritis. Naturally, the disease hates it. Witness the logo of the disease on proud display here, replete with worm infestation, mating. The worms love their doctors. Not so fast there Skippy. I don’t have any of those preconceived notions, other than to say they were all the students too afraid of tough engineering courses. Further analysis just confirms that more for me. It’s a gigantic worm Doctor fzckfest for money. Even worse, they know you are stupid enough to buy their shzt, even when they tell you you have cancer. Note this is not the Rod of Asclepius which only has one worm. This is a special US creation, the Caduceus, with double trouble worm sex. Guess who is getting the shaft here?

Back to the crop. It is nice weather in Adelaide, Australia as the equinox approaches. At that point, wild apple leaves will start to ripen and proceed to optimal proteolytic enzyme content. Even at this late stage you can salt the tree for phage uptake with urine serum and water on or over the roots. Simply precede the harvest season. It will work better if you actually eat the apple leaves to produce the urine with antibodies to venturia inaequalis fungus. When I tried that, the apples here grew to the size of cantelopes and all VI fungus disappeared. Meanwhile, Netflix is getting weird. Sasquatch is a botched genetic engineering experiment. Or an ET. God only knows what will happen when he/she eats Wild Apple Leaves. Better get on it yourself to make sure. Lord knows what a vector will transfer from THAT!

So a foggy Sunday in March. That tells me there is a warm front that came through, and it’s about time. Our groundhog saw its shadow and it stayed cold. Netflix shows me that if you could harness bullshzt and connect it as a source with WiFi to power electric cars around the world a time or two, it would melt the tires. Hitler alive in Argentina, but he has to be pretty old by now. Neolithic grade Doctors are his Hell now. That’s if they haven’t botched him in some Dulce, NM medical experiment gone awry. A batch of buggered up Hitler clones. I doubt they could improve on the brats the public school system spews out here. Rosicrucians and Georgia Guidestones. A US Flying Saucer. Po’ dumb bastards gave it to the Canadians! The “Avro Car” doubles down on really sto0pid. They’re still chuckling about that one at the Pentagon. Mach 3 or 4 can’t even manage Mach 0.002. Dief cancelled it but Libby, God bless ’em, floated it on an endless stream of bullshzt to legendary folklore status from legendary Jokelore reality like the Arrow. The B58 Convair made it obsolete before they discovered how Americans landed theirs on solid tires. Then missiles made them both obsolete.

Diorama,_cavemen_-_National_Museum_of_Mongolian_HistoryBack to the Upper Paleolithic medical now, eons ahead of present day helminth care. It’s obvious they are spinning their wheels. Not only in western medicine could we say it is comparatively¬† modern. It’s also more modern than naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine too, not to mention native medicine, given the results it achieves. Here’s a couple Mongolian med students showing how they make fire in front of a deer painting on the wall of their Mongolian homo erectus dorm. They’re too far advanced for our species though. I find it a little hard to believe too, but those are the facts, given that they knew of what wild apple leaves were capable of. I imagine they were castrated into extinction by mistake, or pummelled to death with little rubber hammers, if they didn’t starve waiting for an appointment. It’s beyond me why they would ever trust those idiots either. “Oh, fire is so over rated. Say ‘Ah!'”

banksy-in-nyc-2Of course we’re all in the same boat. The blind following the lost. We have nowhere to turn, and wild apple leaves make it so blindingly obvious. We have been sucked into iatrogenic poverty by our own brainwashed leadership looking for what turns out to be useless medical services to give you prescriptions that are good for nothing. Is there anyway to get off this doomed train headed for the bridge out dead ahead? They have taken control of everything to do with health care when they have abused their privilege to the point where they have become the leading cause of death. When you need help, they step up to the plate to kill you. Maybe it’s just me, but that wasn’t supposed to be the deal. You had all better wake up fast or you will be next.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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