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Mon, Mar 13/17 – Prohibition

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It’s a Ken Burns documentary on Netflix. Alcohol was still legal then in Canada. Women organized to obtain Universal Suffrage piggy backed their new found power to draft the disastrous 18th Amendment to the constitution of the US prohibiting alcohol. It proved to be unenforceable, and led to unbridled organized crime. It is often used as an example of what can go wrong with prohibition in the case of marijuana. Alcohol prohibition was a far more widespread problem with corruption and hypocrisy running rampant though. The magnitude of organized crime it spawned was legendary.

Socialized Medical Services also have a strange kind of Prohibition. There are no valid competing opinions allowed, and this is still the law in backwards countries like Canada. Health sciences are passed off as decided when in reality they are anything but decided. 10 different opinions on a newly discovered disease are swept under the rug by the corrupt socialized health care system. They deny that the disease even exists, and instead throw the patient in to their mental health system, a totally subjective body governing a pseudo science by admission of its founder, Freud. The only objective observation is that the system is insane, being a decided danger to others, and by extension, itself.

The Ken Burns documentary theme continues with The Roosevelts, meaning Teddy and Franklin, his 5th cousin. These are jewels of edutainment.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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