Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Mar 14/17 – Snow Pack

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Last year was El Nino. This year it is La Nina. From one extreme to the other. Last year there was no snow on the ground by this time and the grass was green. This year there is still a foot of snow even though it is starting to melt a little. There is still no run off though. It is dense layers of ice instead. That’s the way it goes on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains though. The weather is predictably unpredictable, and any so called climate expert here is a fraud.

No matter what the weather, back to vector parasitology. Wild Apple Leaves show that intestinal parasites are less than 1% of the problem. Yet they are still the largest known health problem to mankind. No wonder all medicine is nearly 100% fail. Recently it is even worse as lifespan is decreasing. Worse than fail. You would think that message would be easy to get out, but people ignore it. Instead they waste your time telling you how their doctor is so smart, then they die. I guess it’s a problem that takes care of itself. Them, not the parasites.

Common knowledge must be all wrong if you do not want to double down on stupid. Doctors with a 99%+ track record of failure are smart because it’s common knowledge. Everything I have proposed here is uncommon knowledge. It can be vetted and peer reviewed, but it is hidden by obscurity. It is buried in a pile of useless common knowledge. Some common knowledge is useful, such as don’t consume poisons. Now it is common knowledge that all GMO’s are poison, and that all food in the food market is a GMO. Why don’t they pay us to test their crap? Because they poisoned animals with it for free. How did it get approved? Some government flack signed off on it for a kickback.

Why don’t they just treat it? That is because the minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) of anthelmintics are lethal. This is not the case with wild apple leaves. But you know what I will say is falling on deaf ears. It will be like all the vectors chilled under that snow pack, and they all have viable human and mammalian parasites inside them. They will add on top of the 10+% of your body weight in parasites you already have if you are exceptionally trim. If you are like a regular flabby sack of worm shzt though, it may be closer to 20% or more.

Of course there will be a huge impetus to downplay this all, but the fact of the matter is that it is major microsurgery they simply cannot perform. It is far beyond all existing medical science capability. All the parasites affected actually physically extricate themselves. I simply provide the engineered nano mechanical impetus. It shows all medicine is useless against the elephant in the room that they say does not exist. I simply show it the door before it has to go to the wash room.

It is a banner week in March,  John Chapman Appleseed week. March 18 is apple tree planting day. Each apple has 5 seeds in it, but may not be the most desirable for rootstock. Fruit bearing limbs are commonly grafted. Wild apple trees will naturally yield viable seeds, already proven to survive climate variations. They are a good place to start from. Viable apples will also be frozen under snow pack and preserved at that time. With TLC and fertilizer, you slould get results.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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