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Thurs, Mar 16/17 – A Sobering Tone

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The more you know about the things that are happening in the environment, the more you have cause for alarm. Just imagine if there are no more new apple trees. Only the existing trees are available to produce leaves now if that is the case. It’s always that way though. People don’t plan ahead. “Oh, we’ll just buy it when that time comes.” You can’t buy safe wild apple leaves for love or money. It sure isn’t because they aren’t worth it. They are like diamonds. There just aren’t any. And now there may not be any more. Some say it is Fukushima. Some say it is the lack of bees. For whatever reasons, it is a serious development.

Yesterday we found out that ISA salmon anemia virus is a concern again. Why should you care? It is at the source of the vector disease chain, bugs and dead fish, whether they spawn or not. You can argue that the ones that do not spawn are even worse in regards to MSIDS Multi Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome as outlined by ILADS. All medicine is hapless, unable to accept the reality of multiple simultaneous pathogens and/or parasites. Salmon are chock full of worms medicine doesn’t even know exist. Oh, you don’t eat sushi? Tell those trillion bugs to stop eating it along with all their infected offspring eating people too then.

Don’t know where the dead fish are? Bugs do. Then birds. Then they poop. Then other bugs. Then wildlife. A mouse is wildlife. Your pets will vector it straight to you or your kids and doorknobs. You don’t want to think about it but that doesn’t stop it. No matter what you believe, it is undeniably Biblical in magnitude, unless you are insane or a doctor. What’s the difference? Not sure. Maybe you can help me there.

At Dixie State University, they have found a new way to show worm poop spirochaetes in blood. There’s your trouble. Doctors think blood is sterile. Give them a few centuries and they may find the wild apple leaf freak out worms pooping spirochaetes out in it. Back to the plot here though. If people haven’t figured this out for 32 and a half months when confronted with repeatable evidence, they’re all going to die fast. Lambs to the slaughter. The fact is that if they can’t get the Wild Apple Leaves to repeat what I have witnessed, those worms will kill them, and despite searching throughout all archived medical history, doctors also have not discovered how to get rid of these worms, or even know they exist. Talk about a tough sell, even for free.

Maybe I should change tactics. I’d like to invite you to your funeral. Barring trauma, or iatrogenic causes, these worms that wild apple leaves smoke out of everybody will cause it. Wild apple leaves may make you late to the party, but now it looks like they aren’t making any more of those.

Scram!™ and Paragone™ don’t even touch Wild Apple Leaf parasites. I tried Black Walnut hulls and some clove powder, but this is over and above all that. Dr Hulda Clark, RIP, found out the hard way. They don’t get rid of all the parasites. If she only knew about wild apple leaves, she might still be here.

How do you prove life extension technology? I have tried in this site. Scepticism is understandable, but in this case undeniably deadly from the delay it imparts. Worms create a lot of damage, but some is reversible. Wild Apple Leaves sbnow that other preventative medicines using existing worm reduction tech alone are lacking badly, since they leave hundreds of worms behind that get smoked out. Then there are gallons of biofilm. I actually had one person complain that biofilm reduction was too scary because she thought her whole body was biofilm. The analogy would be that unplugging your sewer was too scary because the entire sewer was actually made of shzt. The best thing about wild apple leaves is they de retard you in 72 hours. Nobody will; admit to it, but in 72 hours they realize you were right, and don’t want to talk about it, also understandably. The biggest retards are doctors, what a surprise. To be fair, the bigger the sewer, the more fulla shzt it is after a while.

richardMy niche in life extension is biofilm reduction and parasite elimination, compatible with cigar smokers. What about second hand smoke? What about Fjrst Hand smoke!? Like I said, knuckle head ninnies need not apply. I’ll honour a money back guarantee for smokers only. Non smokers don’t realize they at at 100 times the death risk from nuclear ionizing radiation threat alone. Trouble is there may not be any more Wild Apple Leaves you can make from scratch. Things may not be as bad as they seem at first glance, though. It takes some concerted effort to specifically yield fertile seeds from apples, and propagate the trees. Occasionally, they just happen naturally from deer eating the ground apples, and fertilizing them with scat.

It’s an up and down thing, with a possible rocky future. You can only hope to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Just don’t give up. There always seems to come a new way out if you don’t.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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