Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Mar 17/17 – A Special Weekend

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Arbour Day is usually the first week in May in Canada, but Johnny Appleseed Chapman was associated with March 18, the day after St Patrick’s Day, and the day of his death in 1845. The memorable metric for me is all the green of St Patrick’s Day. There is still snow on the ground here, but the equinox in 4 days points to greener pastures ahead. Winter seemed to start a full month early here this year weather wise, and still lingers with below average temperatures. Normally here it is green  or turning green now to show the St Patrick’s spirit.

The FDA is attacking CBD suppliers over semantics and labelling. You can’t claim it treats anything that is treated by a licensed medical practitioner. That being said, wild apple leaves can’t be the best treatment for nothing, since no licensed medical practitioner can cure anything. Wild apple leaves can treat old age, root, and natural causes,. but Doctors don’t treat any of those either. They’re great for treating falling though the cracks. Mind you, if you haven’t discovered this yet, it’s all cracked up. Licensed Medicine cures nothing, so I can see them taking issue with that, if you say wild apple leaves treat nothing! Hey, that is the domain of licensed medical practitioners!

Parasight™. You will actually see the parasites come out. Before that you can see them in your eyes as floaters, but they leave early on. You will feel them too with wormwood if you want to monitor how many are left. Wild apple leaves plus wormwood changes them to electric eels. It is better to take wild apple leaves for a year or more if you aren’t a masochist, because they multiply the wormwood anthelmintic effect thousands of times. Of course there will be real rocket surgeons who want to disprove that, so be forewarned that it is potentially a fast ticket out of the gene pool. Try steeping apple leaves in absinthe if you don’t believe it. You can’t say I didn’t warn you that it will be a shocking experience if all the worms aren’t smoked out first. You may not be one of the 7 billion parasite riddled human mammals on the planet, but I doubt it. Wormwood/Absinth is banned in BC for the reason that it contains thujone, a poison hallucinogenic. Of course I was curious, but thankfully I lived to tell the tale. YMMV. lol

If Johnny Appleseed tried this, that is what made him seek out a weird religion, Swedenborgian. He would know right away when all the sting worms he could remember came out. That explains it he would have thought. All those bugs from mosquitoes to spiders to scorpions to black flies to horse and deer flies to hornets have a parasite in them. Medical science still thinks it’s just ticks. Idiots. That is the single biggest thing about wild apple leaves. In less than three days you will discover that doctors are criminal idiots, and then it will take you a decade if not a lifetime to try and describe how idiotic they are to worm riddled nut bags who think they are so great. Aaaagh! Then you realize you are surrounded by worm brain washed psychos, but the last thing you want to do is give up and join the club. You try not to think you were one too until that wild apple leaf epiphany.

Apple LeavesWorms have stayed hidden for literally a billion years. All animals have them as parasites. By definition they are more evolved than the host animals. Doctor5s get rid of parasites with operations to amputate and extricate organs, yet they don’t even know they are there supposedly. Big Red Flag. “Gone Now!” The apple leaves here from Sante Fe are a big red flag too. No sign of fungus or insect bites. They’re from a Golden Delicious cultivar known to have low apple scab resistance. They are almost guaranteed to have poison chemicals on them that can’t be washed off because of surfactants. Those pests also like apple leaves to get rid of their own parasites. A ratty forgotten looking apple tree is likely a lot safer, but not as safe as a totally ignored wild tree. Can’t you just get de worming medicine like a pet? No,  because they are potentially lethal from worm flares from the worm die off. Wild apple leaves exploit a loophole in this whole insane situation, plain and simple.

Deer SaladWild leaves look all bug bit and may have apple scab fungus on them. Both are harmless to humans. They just aren’t very photogenic. The deer love them though. Deer are a good proxy. Harvest the leaves that the deer like. If you get some bad leaves there are always more. Some day you’ll see a deer. You can always go back when it isn’t there. Probably a good idea because they can attack. Skittish things, you know. These are actually the first ones I ate 32 and 2/3 months ago.  July 31, 2014. You can see they look a little worse for wear compared to those slathered show room things above. They worked great though.





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