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Sat, Mar 18/17 – Ask Your Doctor?

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It is the 172 anniversary of the death of Johnny Appleseed. I would rather ask Johnny than psychelpany doctor. I would ask him how many worms and other parasites came out when he ate his virtually wild apple leaves. Ask a doctor and they will say “None!” and I’ll think perfect, you sack o’ worm shzt. Before you catch on to wild apple leaves, you’re just worm food like everyone else. If you like to cozy up to your worms, ask your doctor. Out of necessity everything medicine does is to treat worms. If you have a complaint, it really isn’t the human part of you. It is the worms. Consider your body is New York City, and they are the citizens. There is really nothing wrong with the city. It’s the worms in it screwing it all up beyond any redemption. Wild Apple Leaves are the neutron bomb they are pleading for.


You have to feel sorry for the po’ bastard here. A handful of wild apple leaves, and he could have skipped medical school to give worms the treatment. Could have saved $6 K in textbooks and another couple grand in rubber hammers and other bullshzt gear. They all yammer on about how early detection is the key. Well, you dumb fzcks, how come you haven’t detected that 50 pounds of parasites and assorted worm shzt in you? “Dr.” stands for “Dumber!” You have to be an absolute retard to go to school for 10 years to come up short to what you will find out in three days of wild apple leaves. It’s like getting a 36″ pipe wrench to fix a Timex. Reel Geenyus.

Write GoodThe rank and file aren’t much smarter. “Oh! Look! Your shoelace is untied!” In response, Thomas Grier of PHD Fellowship posted this. “Doctors of Delusion With your antiquated theories, And your disbelieving queries. The only voice I’m hearing … Is YOUR condescending tone! So here lies my confusion, With you doctors of delusion. The old Masters you aspired to, Had delusions of their own. With your psychiatric labels, You contrive to turn the tables. Dismissing the real illness, As a delusion of the mind. It’s a forgone conclusion, With you doctors of delusion. Your gross misdiagnosis, Both unfounded and unkind. With your blindness to the truth, When faced with blatant proof. The science is presented, Yet you STILL refuse to see. Ensnared in this collusion, With you doctors of delusion. I must live with this injustice, And the care denied to me. ~ Anonymous”

Don’t ask a doctor anything. Free up their time for dumb fzcks. Find a cup of wild apple leaves instead and they should be asking you shzt. If you’ve found the first cup, get more because you won’t want to stop if you have got half a brain. The worms had the other half, but you’re about to get it back stat. Now get started unlocking the potential of the dozens of brains the worms swindled you out of. How much? It will make doctors look like idiots, not that it is hard after the first 72 hours. You will realize your life has been a parasitic disaster until then.

John Chapman found that out in Ohio more than 150 years ago. How do I know? Forensics. You can tell what kind of fruit the tree will produce from a sample of the juvenile leaves. You would also get the full meal deal as to what the leaves are capable of as an anti helminthic. John Chapman was the unsung father of Wild Apple Leaves. The reason I can’t let it go is because I tried every parasite cleanse, and Wild Apple Leaves still found more after that, and especially after pectic enzyme. All the other ones only got some of the intestinal parasites I presume. WAL always smoked more out.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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