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Sun, Mar 19/17 – God’s Way

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Johnny Appleseed equated nature to God’s Way. Does that include the 50 pounds of worms and bacterial biofilm free loading off of you? Apparently so in Johnny’s eyes. God must really hate everybody then because they kill more people than even people do. Moreover, they make you so stupid you won’t do anything about them. He blessed me, but you’re smarter than God. Somehow, I know that isn’t going to end well for you. I’ve seen the forensic file on it while you are being killed. I’m not going to intervene. I’m more like Bill Burr on Netflix about the whole thing. lol

God is funny that way. He gives one guy the power to cure all ills, and the power to document it and dig in to discover all the nuances of how it works, but not the authority to use it. That is  why He wants you all dead, but worse, He wants you to suffer miserably while He does it. Got cancer and retarded kids? Chances are I can cure it, but God, i.e. YOU by default in Your Own Assessment, won’t even try. You’ll bear false witness against me, and KABOOM! damned to Hell on Earth. I don’t know why He made me the middle man here, but I guess it has a lot to do with empathy. It’s all laid out here because I am sick of it. God is too. Imagine God has the attitude of Bill Burr. Do you blame Him, and especially dealing with dumb fzcks that won’t even try?

Sometimes I even give people stuff to help their friends dying of cancer, and they eat it all themselves instead. Lesson learned. God has a special place just for them. After all, it is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and guess Who controls that? It’s going to be a painful judgement day whether you like it or not, no matter what you believe. “Uh oh! I don’t believe in this shzt!” Tough luck there, losing Pascal’s Wager, Skippy. I don’t care. Wild Apple Leaves are the ultimate backwards firing bullet. They are in fact God’s Way. Not only documented in the Bible, but at the very Beginning. Fzck with that at your own peril. Wild Apple Leaves prove the Bible wasn’t bullshztting and at the very Beginning.

Back to the point, say you have a room with ten more people in it, you have a quarter ton of highly contagious worms and their shzt right there. It’s enough to make you agoraphobic. Then some doctor will say “Oh, that’s not contagious.” Then you catch it, proving how much they know. Then they’ll make up some really stupid excuse why they were wrong such as “Must have been something else.” Then he catches it. God is funny that way. Then He made it so that I am the only person to ever find this out. It’s like binge watching comedians on Netflix, except they’re not all kiss ass Liberals. Don’t I miss doctors? Not exactly. Compared to Wild Apple Leaves, they’re a whole load of bricks short of a load. Great worm magnets. Shitty at Real medical sciences.

It is God’s Way that this even bothers me. It is His way to tell me to grow the fzck up, and develop a healthy hate for idiots unable to parse the profundity of Wild Apple Leaves. “What if there was a pill?” is no longer a rhetorical question. There IS a fucking pill! It works by making you shit and shock out 50 fucking pounds of worms from your ass to your knees, toes, neck, brains and eyeballs. They make their own hole the way they came in or even faster through the original bug bite to get the fzck out! Then you are left to mop up 50 pounds of their shzt. They become the ultimate children, leaving all their shit all over the place, and leaving as fast as they can. There is a pill to make you smarter than a doctor in 3 days, and it gets better every day. I’m approaching 1000 Days from July 31, 2014, Discovery Day. 365+366+215+19 or 965 days. Halfway through April. Every single day those doctors have gotten progressively stupider. You don’t think God knows? Physician, heal thyself, is His way to tell them all to go the fzck home. Want a second opinion? Wild Apple Leaves.

CO|DAThe fact of the matter is from Day One you are no longer a human they can understand, because you are getting the worm infestation out. Doctors have no idea how to do that without killing you. I see from that link the natural medicine crowd doesn’t either. I do. Fuck them. They don’t know how to get heavy metals out either. I do. Buy a digital scale to call me on it. You’ll piss and crap out more lead than Zeppelin. A doctor says, “I wouldn’t let my children play with a non vaccinated child!” not realizing how idiotic that statement is. It instantly declares vaccinations ineffective. If they worked, there would be no problem, and the non vaccinated set would take all the risks.

Search human parasites on YouTube. “Conquest of the Parasites” has a tropical focus, but you know it is a hundred times worse here from AppLyme™ 4:1 and ParaSight 1:1™. Worse yet, we exported it to Africa, not the other way around. I told you we have the stupidest doctors ever, and you want to thump their tub? Brits are slightly better, but never get to the point. Spend hours there for a couple minutes information. To be fair, they have an audience of idiots who simply don’t get it. All these things hit on the neurological connection of vectot parasites like they discovered it. Duh! Wild Apple Leaves show you all mankind has been PWN’d by bug worms for all time in less than 3 days. Less time than it takes for a gawdamned Brit to get to the fzckin’ point! lol

Here’s a cool Nat Geo about nested neural active zombie parasites, but still no cigar. The Term Zombie Parasites is the big takeaway, and they are not only veterinary. Wild apple leaves clear that up PDQ.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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