Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Mar 20/17 – Host Toast

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You are the whole farm to worm parasites. I conservatively thought they were 10+% of your body weight, but it is more like a quarter or more. 25% at least. I thought it could have been because I worked outdoors where  hundreds of different vectors roam, but even minimal vectors will take up the slack with others. What really matters is the host serves the parasite’s purposes until it expires. You are that host. “It” will make you expire. It tries, but you wear out, and eventually get fulla “Its” shit. It moves on to some other host. It knows the drill. It may have done it a hundred times. That’s not your prior lives that you are thinking about. That is their prior lives you are thinking about because they control your mind. Always have, and always will, until you discover what Wild Apple leaves do.

Rod_of_Asclepius.svgDon’t ask any doctor of any stripe. They have no idea. That’s why they ignore it. Don’t press the point or they’ll just declare that you are nuts. In fact, they are demonstrably nuts. Strap ’em down and shove Apple Leaves up and down every orifice until they scream for mercy. Do it more till the worms drill out of their brain and through their eyeballs when they do. 25% of that doctor is worms and worm shzt. You’ll be doing that sack o’ worms and shzt a favour. ND’s and LLMD’s may only be 24% Wild Apple Leaf worms, but I suspect that is an overestimation. Weigh what’s left of that sack o’ worm shzt to determine how much was just worms. Don’t tell ’em. Give them a taste of their own tactics. Hit them with the ParaPsych and don’t let up.

e-Cigarettes cause incurable popcorn lung. That is what doctors cause, since they are directly to blame for the development of e-cigs, AKA “Douche Flutes”, in the first place. Oh, they’re well meaning. Bullshit. If they were well meaning they would have researched the shit out of wild apple leaves by now to find out how and why they work so spectacularly. I did. It showed that anyone to do with the medical sciences at all levels are fucking criminally stupid idiots who still can’t cure one single thing wild apple leaves do starting with the common cold. However, what do you expect from a contagious sack of worms and their shit anyway? Skid that worm fuck pen until they eat wild apple leaves by the branch.

Can you dumb it down? Yes. Give them all free cruises and then torpedo them with a U-boat like Bill Burr suggests in the latest Nashville Netflix special. That’ll fix it.







Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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