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Tues, Mar 21/17 – Parapsychology

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It has a Wiki. It’s weird, but makes sense with neuroparasites. Every advanced parasite video makes mention of the psi effect the parasites have on your behaviour. I thought ParaSight 1:1™ would be a good name for dry wild apple leaf powder with equal weight pectic enzyme because you see the parasites come out of your skin and joints from deep stingers, but there is more. ParaPsych™ is a tincture I make to make worms talk, breaking through their hypnosis effect like a bull through a china shop. You play with fire there. Scientists line up to proclaim you a fraud without even trying like doctors. It like they figure their status will be upped in their exclusive retard club by doing absolutely no science to disprove a science. Regardless, it hits me that worms are behind nearly all of what is called parapsychology effect.

banksy-in-nyc-2Of course a lot is used as a misdirect excuse for magic trickery. I am talking about real parapsychology where doctors are brainwashed so they look like absolute imbeciles. Worms do it so well that doctors have no clue they even exist. Yet once the worms leave they radiate Reichenbach’s Phenomenon where ever they congregate with worm riddled sick people. In fact, the absence of worms makes Odic Force from other people more noticeable by magnitudes. It is disease force more than a life force that he suspected. This becomes literally painfully obvious. People say Odic Force permeates all plants, animals, and humans, and that agrees with worm theory of disease 100%. It agrees with Mesmer, Chapman, and Swedenborg.

33 and 2/3 months is too long to be dismissed as pathological science. The forensics of history are all falling into place with this where all the detractors are proven in fact to be the real quacks. They simply will not repeat the experiment. Eat a gram of powdered wild apple leaves a day and see what happens. I recommend at least an equal weight of pectic enzyme because that worm slime is thick and gooey and choking. Pathological instantly become ParaLogical. Thousands of hidden vector parasites come out to play. It doesn’t help that parapsychology had the reverse hypothesis of Life Force versus the solid scientific discovery of Death Force afforded by wild apple leaf consumption.

I propose the legitimizing of the science of Parapsychology with engineering physics. Wild apple leaf physics expose and eliminate the actual psi effect worms to prove the negative von Reichenbach Phenomenon near clinics and hospitals. destroying all credibility of medical sciences. It won’t be a moment too soon either. Medical costs are spiraling out of control without any positive results. There are hints from the world of traditional worms as well. Sorry about those horrible ads, such as for deadly Chantix, but they do touch on electrosensitivity and more traits that parasitic worms possess.

“Hive Alive” is up on Netflix, a 2 part documentary about bee science. Really fascinating, densely packed previously unknown information about navigation and communication of bees. There is also lots of information about why people think bee venom therapy is great, but it really is not as I found out over a year ago. Adrenaline rush, raised blood pressure, and increased heart rate by near dangerous amounts, plus that pain stimulus fibrinogen biofilm response if the bee has a nematode. Honey stops MRSA by stopping cell multiplication of the staph infection pathogen.

Another great Netflix is “Hidden Kingdom” from the point of view of a mouse in the world of elephants. lol Theses are much better British productions than that awful rambling parasite BBC thing a couple days ago. Edutainment gems, actually. A common sense little animal, given his/her perspective, is smarter than humans. Like Bill Burr says, 85% of you real demonstrably actual retards deserve to die. Take a cruise. lol

Case in point? Ft DHSMcMurray SAGD engineers. I had that hanging string light bulb moment in Anzac. They’re all retards I thought a decade ago. They drove me to drugs to try and escape it and possibly dumb down to retard level. I turned out to be allergic. The solution turned out spectacularly well. I knew from NASA engineering what they proposed would never work, but I worked for so many layers of retards that it would never be reconcilable. It turns out that left to their own devices for a decade was all it took, and the touchy feely self aggrandizing shit tanked them so badly that they safely sanctified themselves out of existence before they destroyed the ore body. I took a bullet for the team, but they were so retarded that they fought tooth and nail to stand between me and the cold hard engineering physics shooter. I still hold the key to unlock it but fuck them all to Hell. They won’t figure it out given all the tea in China which they ironically sold out for.

I could have been rich beyond belief short selling all that crap. Bigger banks with deeper OMGpockets knew, and they would not let little guys short it with options even when hedge weighted. They would not allow me to access the SBL Short Borrow Loan list on that shit. They sucked it all up because they were worried that my secrets might get out and shit tank them too when I flipped the whole issue.

Back to the forensic parapsychology. Saw a blurb on Netflix “BBC Nature’s Weirdest Events” about the Kissing Bug. Explains what I saw in a patient. Smoked a worm out of their upper lip. Causes Chagas and heart disease. Then there is the Hagfish which creates silken biofilm as a defence mechanism against all predators. Sound familiar? Glands on the outer surface of the Hagfish create the slime and silk. The Hagfish eats dead animals like a giant worm, which it strongly resembles in form and function. The school behaviour of fish may be explained by Odic Force, an indescribable natural electromagnetic like field that makes the fish swim the same direction at the same time.




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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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