Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Mar 22/17 – Ukrainian Lottery

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Ukrainians are the smartest people I know. I grew up in my teens near Wetaskiwin, Alberta in Camrose, where there was a large number of Ukrainian Ex patriots, fleeing persecution behind the Iron Curtain. Stalin starved 20 million of them before the second world war. I came to learn of a special case of unfair treatment that leaves them wide open to a Ukrainian Lottery. A Ukrainian Lottery pays off normally by simply bankrupting all the cheaters. Everybody thinks they can bankrupt a Ukrainian Lottery by cheating because they erroneously conclude the Ukrainians are stupid marks, but wind up losing everything. Whahhh?

I wanted to set up Wild Apple Leaves as a Ukrainian Lottery. There is a legal example. Guy builds high rise building where neighbour moves the survey pin a bit. The building trespasses 1″ across the line. Douche neighbour says after it is built, “Move it!” Ukrainian goes looking for contractor to shave 1″ off the building. Asks how much to shave 2″ off. Same price. “Do it!”says Ukrainian. Other jerk builds building tight against Ukrainian Towers. Need I say more? Ukrainian says “Move it!” That is one form of Ukrainian Lottery.

richardA lottery has a big pay off for little investment. Western Canada Lottery Corporation set up a lottery scheme so it could not be cheated. As close to Random Numbers as feasible. Same with Ukrainian lottery where there are many winners though. The players, but the Ukrainian doesn’t survive. You can set it up where everyone wins when the Ukrainian dies. The catch is it is a larger pay off the longer the Ukrainian lives. The trick is to get in early. Nobody wants that Ukrainian to die, but the Ukrainian does all sorts of things and keeps on living well. Smokes cigars. Drinks whiskey in coffee. He doesn’t die as early as you think and players start to die instead. That is another form of Ukrainian Lottery.

In general, it is a contest where the first loser also wins, pocketing the profit from the lottery. Very tricky to set up. Deal Dash might be like that. A Reverse Auction or a Penny Auction. Bids go lower by 1 cent a bid. The Lowest bidder wins when the clock runs out. People pay 50 cents for a bid. If bidding starts at $100, maximum Ukrainian Profit is $4,999.99 minus actual cost of the item including shipping if the item goes for 1 cent. Maximum number of bidders allowed is 50,000 minus one. I am thinking this Ukrainian is doing well if a $2000 laptop goes for 5 cents.

Could you set up medical services as a Ukrainian Lottery/Auction? Oh, my head hurts. Back to the wild apple leaves. But it would be better than insurance where it is a racket that never pays out for most users, and the insurance and lawyers are the only winners. Doctors would take over and be the Ukrainian. Patients would be the bidders. No matter what happens, doctors and patients would win when the patient got hurt. Doctors get income. Patients get top notch service that they want to bid on. The more the patients got served, the more the doctor would win. Patients would have a supply of bids that they bought, could borrow, and could exchange. Doctors would advertise fixed costs for services. It would be understood that Wild Apple Leaves would treat all infectious disease, including pre existing conditions like arthritis. No more useless pharmaceuticals unless you want to blow money on them. Your problem. No insurance brokers, but instead doctor’s employees to run the Ukrainian penny auction. Better get busy planting those Wild Apple orchards. You could chose any specialist or doctor you want in the database provided they aren’t too busy or in too much demand. Prettty soon, pharma companies start going broke and have fire sales by normal auction, because nobody wants their shzt any more.

Then there is the Lyme Disease issue. The Ukrainian Lottery would cover Super Medicaid for trauma and defined procedures, but for LLMD’s and LLND’s, there would have to be a board certification like ILADS. Since WAL show that nobody knows what they are doing there, without a single doubt, there is a sticking point.

bayer-headlineHow do you test if people take wild apple leaves? Easy. Strip them naked in a troical greenhouse room full of Zika and West Nile infected Aedes egyptii  mosquitoes. If they have kept the WAL up, no problem. They will be immune from the acaricidal effect of eating WAL. If they cheat, they will die slowly and painfully. Suddenly they aren’t so keen bayer-advancedon ripping off the Ukrainian. Where do you get wild apple leaves? From a Ukrainian Orchard. 😉 Not very good apples except to make Apple Whiskey. No pest or fungicides either. Those apples are like a rotten appendix, as are all apples unless the leaves are poisoned, since all fruit orchards commit Ukrainian Suicide. They poison all their food and medicine. And you wonder why Stalin wanted to kill them all. He Jelly. He Mad, Bro. He not too smart either. He was the one who started the rumour that Ukrainians weren’t very smart. In a left handed way, he invented the Ukrainian Lottery! No more aggressive advertising campaign in history!

LeafsWild Apple Leaf consumption makes your body a pay off for bugs in a Ukrainian Lottery. They get a little more than they bargained for though. You become that overly generous Ukrainian. An apple leaf a day keeps EVAHrything away! Now not all Ukrainians are that smart. Not all Ukrainians are that stupid either. But if you have a Ukrainian Lottery, you have them where they want you. It works because people are cheap, evil, and greedy enough to find it irresistible bait, like a donkey and a carrot on a stick.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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