Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Mar 23/17 – Why?

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I think I know why medicine is spinning their wheels. They look at a human being. They use an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, and break down the elements, C, N, H, Ca, Mg, Ph, etc. Same with DNA. ACGT. AGTC. Whatever. Take all those weight percentages. Mix in a bucket. Medical researcher says, “There you go. Human Being!” Looks like a bucket of shzt. Cool tools. Not so hot on the results. Likewise, in vitro, ain’t in human or in situ. Wild apple leaves are in my case. Works here. Medicine says it shouldn’t, not doesn’t. “Why does it work?” No answer. They’re too busy analysing shzt that sort of works in vitro to worry about what actually works. lol.

stickerSimpler answer. What a bunch of fucking retards cramming mice full of wild apple leaves until they die. “Oh they’re dangerous! I could only ram 5 Kg. up a mouse’s ass until its head blew up! Fuckin’ eyeballs popped first too! Then that po’ fuckin’ dog? And that cat?” A bit of an exaggeration? These are the geeniuses that gave us Roundup. “Totally safe, man!” What about POEA? “I can neither confirm or deny that we employ trade secret additives!” The bottom line is that they know they can get this around medical research retards because the cops have all the other capable ones busy finding arsenic and antifreeze, not to mention deadly pharmaceuticals, in insurance murder victims. What about ELISA? “Ho got a good rack?” I rest my case.

Can you make a wild apple tree planting machine? Yes. A pogo stick with a reloadable point that has a germinated apple seed encased in fertilizer. Punch that down 4-6″ on the sunny edge of a forest where they won’t waste fungicides and pesticides on it. Even in the forest, the leaves will naturally grow bigger from lack of light. Harvest them before the deer steal them all. Want to stop the deer? Let a wild cougar go. It will be your Watch Cat and the leaves will grow unfettered until a tough buck finally kills it, or baits it into highway traffic.  You would have to get another one. Maintenance, you know. The deer can even smell that cat.

A Hagfish ties itself in a knot to give its biofilm the slip. Maybe that is how worms get out so fast when they encounter wild apple leaves after hiding comfortably for 50 years under thick biofilm. Some of the worms need help to get out of it though. That is where the pectic enzyme comes in.

Still laughing at Bill Burr and gorilla sign language.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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