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Sat, Mar 25/17 – The Eagle Has Landed!

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Neil_ArmstrongNeil, pictured here, suffers from a Kissing Bug Worm coming out of his right lower lip. They feed while you sleep and use an anaesthetic while they bite so you don’t wake up. There are three more there in his right upper lip possibly, but they did not exit. That puzzled  me why the other three didn’t exit too. There may be another few left in the centre of his lower lip too. He died of a heart attack in 2012. Now I know that from the experiences of a test patient here, and she had the same thing come out from Wild Apple Leaves. She only had a couple though. The Neutrinos in space travel may force those ones out, but only if they are a direct hit. Wild Apple Leaves would have forced all 6 out and maybe more you can’t see. The 5 other worms got the memo from their deceased buddy in Neil I see. It is one of those diseases you don’t even know you have until Wild Apple Leaves force the stealthy Trypanosoma cruzi worm and others out. That’s one small step for a worm sack, One giant leap for sack o’ worm shit-kind.

Kissing bugs are different from bedbugs, but do employ the same anaesthetic tactic when they bite. I had some worms come out that could be explained by bedbugs. The signature bite pattern in lines was repeated as the worms left.

Neil_ArmstrongI actually have a strange real Eagle here that was puzzling me, but I have figured it out now. He ate a raccoon that was eating frozen fallen apples under the snow of my phage test tree. I know. He is the strongest eagle I have ever seen and his feathers are immaculate. All the others I had seen were dirty near dead fish eaters. Eagles like live animals only. They are picky eaters. Then it hit me. He eats Wild Apple Tree eating animals. I suspect he got Bart, my stray cat wild apple leaf tester! Bart had recovered from starved stray and was the size of one of those raccoons with paws that could palm a baseball. He got the wandering eye like a dog though, and that Eagle took notice of him I bet.

First and foremost, eagles are birds of prey. This one is the healthiest one I have ever seen eating mostly a wild apple tree eater diet. He got a chipmunk apple bark nibbler too I see. He got a raccoon carrying a phage apple. The apple dropped in  the snow. You see craters in the snow where he snatches at prey. On a side note, I found that if I feed bits of stale bread to the crows, they coo kind of like pigeons, and don’t squawk. People try to shoot them because they are like roosters at sun up. Just fed them popcorn or crumbs and they coo.

I’m listening to the Bill Burr Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast. He doesn’t know that parasites eat hair. He talks to a coyote about a road runner, crappy Sam Adams Blueberry Witbier, and over boiled vegetables. If you are one of those media F-Bomb Police hypocrites, like Bill Cosby, fuck off.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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