Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Mar 28/17 – More NASA

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Lighten up. Back in the 90’s I was contacted  by NASA contractors to come up with a space fire suppression system. That was in the days of the Mir fire before the ISS. I was working on bulldozer fire suppression systems. I had also saved many bulldozers and a prototype mulcher with my device several times. At that time, circa ’95, it cost $40,000 a pound to orbit. Weight is everything.

I used to say humans are all 10+% worms, but it is more like 25% weight worms and bacterial biofilm worm poop. I just wanted to be conservative, and thought it was just me. Everybody is in the same boat though. Wild apple leaves show that lots of it is bug bite and sting parasite weight, with lots more stealthy Swimmer’s Itch. Enzymes get gallons more of it out. A 200 pound pilot or passenger can free up 50 pounds or $2 million worth of 1995 payload. Doctors are all blissfully ignorant to this fact.

Neil_ArmstrongYou can see that NASA has always packed worm poop wherever they send people. And they pay to get it all back too. Dr Armstrong died of a common worm biofilm disease, heart disease, in 2012. Again, doctors are blissfully ignorant of this fact. Might as well live while they argue about it when they’re all homeless or locked in nut farms where they belong. Lots of you would rather die a prescribed patented medicine death, and I’ll lie and say I understand that. I thought people were smarter, but I stand corrected. Your doctors obviously know what they are doing. They’ve had a zero % success rate with any of my diseases, but you are different of course.

Those are the sort of people who deserve to die that way. Maybe me too to fit in. Aspirin and Tylenol. I am backing up through my juvenile arthritis. It’s pain like when I was 11 years old again. Now they have Ibuprofen. Still biofilm left from those hornet stings in ’64. Left hip and back between the shoulder blades. Yeah, apparently I was a hypochondriac. Lyme arthritis is tougher than drugpricescancer. I know because I had both. Thank God for Wild Apple Leaves plus enzymes but still have to work backwards through the whole biofilmed thing it appears. It takes a couple years to get 50 years of that out. This pain is hard. Stiff shot of tequila hard, plus aspirin, plus tylenol. All bad. Plus ibuprofen.  People with this say Codeine or morphine won’t cut it without doubling up. Tylenol 3’s not enough.  Oxycodone the same. Aspirin alone, AKA Naproxen, does help a bit. They say it’s hard on the guts so they only give you one bottle and no refills. Lovely. Now they have biologics to switch off the pain response gene. They only cost $1,800 a month. Or there is Celebrex at a tenth of that… My doctor is worried that it may cause heart trouble. Wild apple leaves are easily 10 times as powerful as Celebrex with no downside. I found an old WAL+. That is getting it but now I am a painkiller toilet with that. I have to stretch the WAL because I gave all the other AppLyme Para~Sight 4:1s to a cancer victim. The cancer victim never received it, because the middle man took it instead I guess.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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