Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Mar30/17 – Weathered

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I got some Cat’s Claw/Samento last Sunday. Because I am so pared down with Wild Apple Leaves, I suspect I have been herxing hard from that all week. It has also been soggy, and I know that used to be a big arthritis flag. The samento bottle says take 2 – 3 times a day. There is no way I could do that. WAL multiply the effect of everything. Even one or 2 a day have really knocked me down. Same with the serrapeptase. I have been hacking out loogies that taste like a dish rag for a week. You can tell I haven’t been my chipper verbose self lately. That is why looking back at it all. I’ve been finishing up all the old analgesics to help with the pain.

I keep looking at an old bag of cloves I have here. Maybe I should do a worm egg kill. Worm eggs are like frog’s eggs, basically a pile of slimy phlegm and eggs. Even a little bit of cloves can go straight through you. 1% clove powder and pectic enzyme would be guaranteed loose. After a week like this with samento and serrapeptase, it is like you would want to take that while sitting on the toilet. You just know it is going to be ugly. The wild apple leaves show you in no uncertain terms that this is all vector worms underlying all of this, and the effect of any treatment is multiplied immensely., even when pared all the way down to remaining worm eggs and poop.

I see WordPress lost yesterday’s post. Here is a recap. It was short and about rain and aggravated arthritis. Why is that? Nobody knows! That really sounds like something I would want to get to the bottom of, but I have been going through this samento herx. It has really screwed me up this week. CBD walloped it faster, but we can’t get that here any more. All the alleged medical douche bags just grow skank weed and THC varieties for the stoners. It doesn’t work. Nobody wants to grow the ditch weed when the penalty is the same regardless. There are no real hemp oil producers here. It is a paradox born of worm addled brains that will never be cracked without wild apple leaf consumption. It is a metric to show how pervasive the worm infestation is with humans here though.

I am hampered by other paradoxes. In university, I was the go to guy for Led Zeppelin covers. Nobody could sing it or play it, female or male. I could do both, but not at the same time. The juxtaposition of the rhythms really screwed me up. Brian MacLeod was a friend of mine and we met after Mushroom Records had that meltdown. That was actually before this link. My girlfriend’s brother heard a rumour they were considering me to play acoustic, but I said I wasn’t good enough. I was smitten with Brian’s sound he got from a Music Man 210HD and a stock Strat while I was still in Les Paul mode. I didn’t know Zeppelin was all a fuzz and wah wah at that time. He had those dynamics a whole different way. Bill Henderson was a judge at the first Headpins gig where they lost to our band at the Pit at UBC. It was 1979 and we had just changed from the Pinheads to the Knotheads or vice versa. I was just along for the gig. I knew Brian from music stores where we talked gear and getting good rock tones. They were much harder to get in those days. I still had a relatively clean tone. We liked that 50 watt HIWATT that was just becoming common. 100 watts were cheaper because they were too clean. I had one and a Roland Jazz Chorus 120. You had to be really accurate to gig with that. I guess we had a clean set list that Bill liked, although I did have a Univox echo that I could get a drive tone out of sparingly. It was all way too loud.

You know, one thing that was common was that we all played drums. Time is everything, but we never tell a drummer that so you can always get a drummer for the gig. We’re all way too busy on the vocals and instruments. At that time, the Linn drums had just come out, saving thousands in recording. On time and good sounds. Micing drums trying to reinvent the wheel was really expensive. Let some drummer try to do that to copy the album.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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