Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Apr 1/17- No Fooling

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Everybody has parasites, riddled with vector transmitted worms, but how many have endosymbiont borrelia? If you go looking for borrelia, it is everywhere. Yesterday we saw that all LLMD cancer patients also tested positive for borrelia. You should already know that testing is the real joke from countries frantically trying to hide it like Canada. To be clear, LLMD’s actually do get negative Lyme tests. Lyme disease is like prostate issues though, increasing in likely hood matching age in percent likely hood.

MSIDSTo show how bad it is with doctors, the Canada Lyme framework doctor couldn’t even pronounce vector parasitology. When people tip the Toledo’s at 25% worm shit weight, that’s no joke. Wild Apple leaves are the most astonishing medical discovery ever because they prove it. You lose the worms, and the scale does not lie. Only Lyme Fan Trolls are stupid enough to deny 1b on the Horowitz MSIDS Map. Even doctors will admit to that, but are reticent to admit that the only way they know how to do anything about it is lethal. The only data they have is from autopsies. That is when they discover you were a sack o’ worms and worm shit all along. What is worse is that it affects all 16 points of the MSIDS Map. Wild Apple Leaves can treat it all without a doctor by getting rid of a boatload of previously unknown vector parasites.

Wild Apple Leaf is a super Banderol Otoba bark replacement. It targets biofilm and parasites which is what banderol does, but nowhere near as well as WAL. Cat’s Claw/samento causes the herx. There is zero mention of the obvious WAL parasites with banderol. There is also no mention of contraindication from mixing with wormwood. There is also no mention of the marked WAL Multiplier Effect. There is an extreme multiplication of the samento herx effect. It really makes the claws in Cat’s Claw, and you can really feel it to the point of pain. If you are a Lyme Fan Troll pussy, don’t ever try WAL. Just keep doing your samento, banderol, and wormwood protocols alone to leave your biofilm barely touched and stretch out the torture because you are as smart as a doctor. When it comes to LD, that’s not saying much and I’m not fooling,

Here is a video about the public health care mantra. Hard to catch, easy to treat. The facts are it is easy to catch and impossible to treat using anything they can make a money trail out of. Those are the limitations of all medical science, preoccupied putting pigeon holes on a septic tank.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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