Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Apr 2/17 – Bewildering

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You can go looking for vector parasitology and it is all about tropical climates. Natasha Rudenko was invited to Canlyme last year but just to elaborate on ticks and not the bewildering array of arthropod vectors of military significance in Canada. I’ve been bitten or stung by many of them, and lots had worms in them that wild apple leaves smoked out. Just gauging from the Cat’s Claw/Samento herx, they left behind a massive pile of borrelia infused biofilm glop. I had to take a break here. Everything hurt with single 485 mg Samento’s a day. The upside is that my biofilm reduction part worked a bit too well if that little Samento digs in that hard. They say 2 capsules 3 times a day. I backed off of 2 the first whole day. These are Nature’s Way brand Cat’s Claw Bark capsules. Very powerful with a wild apple leaf prep.

The reason for this is biofilm. If you can take that much Cat’s Claw, you must be loaded with biofilm, and it isn’t getting at the protected spirochaetes. Banderol is also supposed to cut biofilm, but it appears nowhere near as aggressively as WAL, because you can take relatively huge quantities of Samento with Banderol, but not wild apple leaves.

What did all this achieve? A large improvement for me where I was plateaued. It was a tough week, but maybe a small pulse later will be in order. I just need a break. It was a hot herx, and I could feel it in my liver. It even hurt when I was resting. Maybe I am too far gone after being 25 years ACA Herxheimer positive. I’ve gone through a lot of milk thistle and a lot of analgesics like Tylenol and aspirin extra strengths. Samento is cheap at 100 capsules for $17. With the apple leaf amplification it could last a year. You could start it with apple leaves but like wormwood, it would be wasted until all the worms and biofilm are gone. I see only 60 mg a day tincture made of one tablespoon to one cup boiling water is recommended for arthritis. Each capsule is 8 times that much powder at 485 mg. Ouch! Lots of warnings about Cat’s Claw and MS, Lupus, arthritis, HIV, TB, and Leukemia, on top of pregnancy. I can see how it could kill a baby.

The main unknown is the amount of parasitic worms that wild apple leaves force out. The WAL force out both internal and external dermal resident parasites, which is unique. Then there are gallons of biofilm with heavy metals it strips out too. How many bug bites that were vector parasite infected did you have? Nobody knows until a WAL sweep. That is why all Lyme Disease tests and treatments fail. You will be bewildered when you find out how many.

Takeaway from the Cowden Emulation? Samento is dangerous in Late Stage Lyme with a large biofilm reduction. AppLyme gets rid of more biofilm than anything, rendering spirochaetes naked and planktonic in large amounts. Be careful with spirochaete killer medications like multiple ABX, Samento, and CBD. Of course there may also be multiple leptospires too. Where’s the science? Nowhere trying to break the biofilm barrier. It looks like we’ve done it too well.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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