Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Apr 3/17 – New Protocol

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The Biofilm Protocol aims to eliminate the root cause of all chronic disease. You must address it all while everybody argues about it. It is what makes antibiotic resistant diseases resistant. It is what makes cancer such a tough nut to crack. It is what makes stealthy diseases so hard to detect. It is what clogs your lungs and makes COPD and asthma. All medicine missed it, thinking biofilm makes itself. I discovered nothing could be further from the truth. Nobody knows how to get a handle on protein coated slime either. OSP Outer Surface Protein? How about transparent worm skin?

Netflix has “Halt and Catch Fire,” a story about the 80’s and the personal computer world. That’s where all medicine is now comparatively, yet only 72 hours of phage loaded wild apple leaves away to see for themselves. In retrospect it looks pretty bad. Unbelievably petty and stupid on all levels, but it is all reality. So is this. It is unbelievably stupid. Now a sub $100 phone has more power than all of COMDEX ’83 put together. 34 years of computing is two lifetimes behind. All medicine is HCF now, uselessly cycling in a DD state, with strict idiotically self imposed instructions to prevent pulling the plug.

The real reason Lyme Disease is the Great Imitator is that it actually is every disease. It underlies the cookie cutter description by presenting as each set of carefully outlined disease diagnostics. Doctors simply cannot detect everything that biofilms over. It is a successful parasite strategy that is older than mammalian hosts, made available in all mammalian hosts. When you finally die from it, they find borrelia, or worm shit as we know it, in every case. Now they even find worms, only because they started looking.

Now here is the very tricky part. Everything has to be rewritten without worms and the globs of biofilm they make. Every medicine and herb becomes a new herb, demanding TCM Du testing, because they are made to work with a full worm and biofilm complex. Daunting? Yes. Doable? Yes. You just have to know that. Imagine a monthly prescription lasting years instead. That is the picture I am witnessing here. Because everybody is all worm riddled and chock full of their biofilm feces, all medicine is necessarily made to work with that. Even Aspirin demands caution because it really works without several gallons of snot in the way.

So why can’t you just use commercial apple fibre to do this? It is dithane contaminated. I found out the hard way. Actual Du Testing. Turns out the human body is the best toxicology tester of all, but at a price. That apple fibre is made from all those little stems of apples. Laced with dithane. All of a sudden, the stock of wild apple leaves goes through the roof. Good luck finding it. You could also take all the stems from those scabby apples too. They’re medicinally worth hundreds of times more than the apple ever were. Deer know that. They have a nose for it too.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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