Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Apr 4/17 – BIOHAZARD

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Danger_BiohazardYou know, that is about all I can see when I look around. From what I have witnessed, everything is a biohazard by the very definition of it. A Biological Hazard. Parasites are everywhere. There are even parasites inside parasites. Doctors are all blissfully loaded with them. All hospital staff. Take wild apple leaves and see for yourself. If you can’t, you have a bigger problem than even that. It will be like masturbation, where 70% have done it and the other 30% think we are stupid enough to believe they’re not lying about it.

An army of flying, biting, and stinging insect dirty needles loaded with filarial nematodes everywhere. Who knew? Apparently nobody. This is the evidence. Unfortunately, there is a contraindication with Cat’s Claw and wild apple leaves. Nobody will ever find out. I was doing relatively OK until Cat’s Claw. TOA is tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids. Wild apple leaves show that it is horrifically poisonous like chemotherapy. That must be why it is so cheap. If wormwood is a 3 or 4, TOA would be an 11 for toxicity. It’s an easy call for me. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil versus a Peruvian weed. Like the link says, herbalists and naturopaths swear by Cat’s Claw. Most unfortunate. Maybe it is just me, as arthritis is an immune disease, using the body’s immunity to attack its own joints and muscles. Cat’s Claw is an immune enhancer, so torture for arthritis. Lyme Disease is acquired arthritis, originally being called Lyme Arthritis. Cat’s Claw is not good for arthritis or MS. It is without doubt bad for me.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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