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Fri, Apr 7/17 – Salmon Disease

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I guess that could be confusing because it is a human and not a salmon disease I am talking about. There is Salmon Confidential about diseases transmitted by farmed salmon, but this is the Lyme Disease connection I am talking about. Many diseases are transmitted by vectors and waterfowl from the salmon spawning grounds, and I have suspected that since at least 2014 when they were still outlining the geographic distribution. I suspect that is where it all began. Now that the salmon are getting sicker, so follows the population.

I’m doing doxy this week for a lung infection. There are nymphal ticks the size of a pinhead all over. They are feeding on the dead salmon from last year’s spawning run as they rot on the beaches I suspect before they get floated away by the rising waters. There were a lot of people with this cough at the meat market here, from young to old. The hospital is full. Yeah. That 4 year old was a chain smoker I bet, given their explanations. I spat out a whole cup of biofilm before resorting to going into the sawbones for oral doxy. With all the biofilm reduction I have done a single 100 walloped one side and now it jumped to the other it seems. I hope the second whacks that so I can save for a harder pulse for built up spirochaetes. I can really feel it tingling the ACA Herxheimer on my feet too. That biofilm redux mod is working well, multiplying the effect 10 fold or more. Took a 1000 milk thistle because I know the liver hit is coming.






Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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