Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Apr 9/17 – Dark Matter Engineering

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Yeah, I know I missed yesterday’s update, but not really. It’s complicated. Just doing spring cleaning. It is made more difficult by being everybody’s garbage dump. Wild Apple Leaves open up the 95.4% of the universe that physicists can see evidence of, but are still looking for. It makes the baryonic matter 4.6% of the universe look idiotic at best. I have to give up on it, because the arguments created from the inherent idiocy will be never ending. The parasitic worms know, and use it to stay safely hidden. They are your grey matter. I fzcked ’em up good with wild apple leaves.

All religion comes from the timeless dark matter and energy realm. I saw Adam and Eve, and I knew why. I saw through the wild apple leaves, I know DME will continue to remain hidden from all physics as you know it. Descartes said “Nothing so hidden” and he was right about this. I discovered the catalyst. It’s ripe in Australia. Follow the deer and the wild apple they make. Raccoons do too, but they make great Eagle food. Then those eagles become the super untouchables. My eagle is patient, and the others don’t dare come around to challenge. My crows pick up the leftovers for the anti gravity effects. This stuff could make a dinosaur fly.

amberMy doctor still hates it. Not sure why. Guess I’ll have to wait till he dies even though he is 30 years my junior. His BMI is his death sentence. He caught Salmon Disease here, but then moved to a city even worse where the water is contaminated with oestrogen. I estimate from the radiology that his body weight is a whopping 50% worms and biofilm. It’s an occupational hazard, but he is in a profession where he will keep those worms healthy as possible till the day he dies. They sure hate cigarettes. I saw/felt him coming a half hour before he showed up. lol I’m 6’3″ here and a little skinny at 130 pounds or so. He packs a lot more dark matter weight than most from something no rubber glove can stop. Unfortunately, young Amber’s boyfriend passed away recently. I’ll see him at the end or the beginning. Dark matter is timeless.

Neil_ArmstrongShe had a few Kissing Bug worms come out from the wild apple fibre. They are lethal because they feed on heart, and she has a big heart like Dr Armstrong. When I told Dr. A about the town we frequent up here in Canada, he said “I like the name!” Unfortunately all the orchards are contaminated with heavy metals, mandated by the government. Ironically, they enable a rare hornet transmitted parasite within a parasite in codling moths by doing so. They’ll never know. The ground dwelling Yellow Jackets sting the codling moth larvae to create a zombie parasite on top of the apple parasite. It is a dark matter species totally undetectable to all physics and medical pseudo science. Wild apple leaves skunk it all out though. You’ll get sentinel dates, and know where they are from the disease they carried. You’ll realize that you have been their zombie all along as well.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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