Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Fri, May 12/17 – Fountain of YouTube

LeafsI gave my SMART TV a shot upside da haid with Wild Apple Leaves, but there are still a few things that need tweaking. Why can’t people get to the fzckin’ point? Search Age Reversal Technologies for example. There are the 5 drugs/technologies that Bill Faloon promotes, all nicely peer reviewed, but then there are a lots of ladies wanting smooth skin there too. There seems to be a saw off between vanity and insanity, with a requisite visit by Anonymous to decry the hidden patents and a Trump Executive order on anti aging technologies. Thank God for that fast forward/skip key. If it were a SMARTer TV, it would know I’m not your regular idiot. Wild Apple Leaves are me4kinda like that too though, where they provide all 5 Faloon Technologies in one, plus a bunch of stuff you may or may not want. Bambi didn’t like the blemishes the exiting worm parasites temporarily left in her lovely complexion. She’d bitch if you gave her a Lambo and the colour wasn’t quite right. I digress though. See? It’s catching. Those worms on YouTube are contagious. Caduceus.svgIRL, they take over your Mind like the proverbial Star Trek Borg. “Pay no attention to the parasite worms under your skin that are killing you!” That’s how they hoodwink all doctors at Worm Central, aka The Hospital Worm Hotel. Of course they’ll have no chance of ever discovering the cotinine cofactor because worms hate it. Smokin’!

The bottom line is we’re old and dying. We ain’t got time for this shzt. Wild Apple Leaf. Open Soars. The trouble with everything else is secrecy grinding it to a halt. Everybody wanting their cut only serves to delay and obfuscate the whole mess, not to mention that it is paradoxically immoral and medically unethical, leading to a pharma-centric Gong Show of ineffective micro targeted crap. Some of it may help some of the biofilm sewer worms leave behind in their wrath. Most of it doesn’t have a chance. You’ll see why.

ExcellenceWe get it. Everybody wants to be an edutainer. More Edu and less entertainment for us old codgers though. Relax. We’ll be dead soon enough, but not as soon as you’d like with WAL+cotinine. Pot, kettle, black though? Don’t worry. We’ll get rockin’ soon enough as I see the leaves are coming along nicely now. lol There always still Austral;ia for the wild trees in or nearing fall senescence there now.





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Fri, May 5/17 – Cinco De Mayo

25 years ago this week, I was working in Mexico. On May 3, 1992, I was stung by a spider on the sole of my right foot, and I developed ACA Herxheimer disease over the next couple days. At the time I did not know it was 100% confirmation of Tertiary or Late Stage Lyme Disease. Nobody did, although the Mexican doctors were talking in hushed tones, and did communicate that they were concerned to my supervisor..